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March 9, 2015

How Snowden proved Congress needs to Read the Bills

Please tell Congress to introduce the Read the Bills Act through's campaign.


You may borrow from or edit this letter…


Edward Snowden showed us how the Patriot Act was used in ways Rep. Jim Sensenbrenner, its sponsor, never intended.


Its Section 215 puts virtually NO limits on the fed's ability to collect information, including bulk collection of phone calls.


Perhaps that's not what Sensenbrenner wanted, but…


It's in the bill!  


This WOULD have been revealed if Patriot Act was actually read and debated in 2001.


Instead, the Patriot Act was introduced, passed, and signed into law in just three days!


This means…


CONGRESS is to blame for the behavior of NSA spooks. It never read, and hardly debated, the Patriot Act with its broad, vague powers.


In contrast, the Read the Bills Act…


* Requires YOU to have read, or heard read, the bills you support

* Gives US at least seven days to read bills and raise objections before they come to a vote


We’d have…


* Clearer, better-written laws, meaning…

* Fewer “legal” justifications when Presidents abuse power


Stop the abuse!


Introduce Downsize DC's Read the Bills Act!




Send your letter using's Educate the Powerful System.


Then, share this entire Action Item with friends. Forward this email and ask them to do as you've done…


  • Send a letter to their “representatives” in Congress

  • Then forward this same email to others, asking them to do likewise


And if you value the work of, please make a contribution or monthly pledge, today.


Thank you for your participation and support,


James Wilson

Policy Research Director, Inc.


P.S. Snowden has long said he’d return to the U.S., if he can get a fair trial. We’ll have much to say about this. Stay tuned.


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