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March 3, 2014

How the FEC Crushes the Libertarian Party

I sent Congress a letter using Downsize DC’s campaign to “Repeal the campaign finance laws.” I urge you to do the same. You may copy or edit my comments…

The FEC prohibited an estate donation of $217,000 to the Libertarian Party in 2007. Instead…

The FEC demanded that the donation conform to annual limits by being disbursed over 7 years. (


The LP could have used this money to communicate its message to voters. But now this can't happen. The Two-Party duopoly has once again abused the “law” to protect itself.   


I DO NOT CONSENT! A “government” that restricts political expression and voter choice is inherently illegitimate.


REPEAL the campaign finance laws!




You can send your letter using's Educate the Powerful System.


You will receive a copy of your letter to Congress via email. Please share your letter with friends. Ask them to take the same action.


This report and our system, are made possible by pledgers. Their support ranges from $1 to $250 per month. Please join them.  


Jim Babka

President, Inc.

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