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October 15, 2007

Hypocrisy and Intimidation

Today’s Downsizer Dispatch . . .

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Quote of the Day:

“If you think of yourselves as helpless and ineffectual, it is certain that you will create a despotic government to be your master. The wise despot, therefore, maintains among his subjects a popular sense that they are helpless and ineffectual.”
– Frank Herbert, author of “Dune”

Subject: Intimidation and hypocrisy

President Bush gave a nice speech before the United Nations recently. In it he extolled human rights and democracy. Then, the President of Iran stood up and provided evidence of our own President’s violations of human rights and democracy.

It’s a shame that the Iranian President, criminal that he is, was able to make a case against our President without lying.

Sadly, there is now even more evidence that the Iranian president could have used . . .

Additional memos have been found indicating that the Bush administration encourages the use of torture. And the Director of the C.I.A. is investigating the C.I.A.’s Inspector General because the Inspector General has been investigating misbehavior by the C.I.A.

We have hypocrisy on the one hand, and intimidation on the other.

Meanwhile, Congress is still working to revise a spying bill it was intimidated into passing before it had even read the bill.

When our leaders are hypocritical, and engage in fear mongering and intimidation, principled leadership must come from the people. That means us. That means you.

Unfortunately, the opportunities available to us for providing such leadership are many, because the examples of hypocrisy, fear mongering, and intimidation are also many. The Downsizer Dispatch can hit on only a few issues per week, and there are always more issues coming into view where we will need to take action.

In particular, we want to be able to spend more time on the health care issue, and on Iran, as these are the two biggest looming threats to life, liberty, and the cause of Downsizing DC. But the other big issues of the moment must not be neglected. Therefore . . .

Please send more than one message today.

Continue to pressure Congress to restore the 4th Amendment when it revises the too hastily passed “Protect America Act.” In your personal comments request the following things: Restore the requirement for individualized warrants for wiretapping of U.S. communications and email. No immunity for telecommunications companies that broke the law by permitting the government to conduct surveillance of their customers’ phone and email records. Let the public see the text of Congress’s bills BEFORE it’s passed.

Ask Congress to repeal the detainee, torture, tribunal law. In your personal comments mention that you are aware of the new memos indicating that the Bush administration is encouraging the use of torture.

Please strike at the fear that is driving Congress to constantly bow to the demands of the Bush administration. Join our “I am not afraid” campaign. Tell Congress you are not afraid of terrorism and that you want them to stop being afraid on your behalf.

Thank you for the leadership you provide to Congress.


Goal: 1,000 monthly credit card pledgers of at least 16 cents per day ($5 per month)

Purpose: To launch Operation Everywhere — an advertising campaign designed to recruit a huge army of DC Downsizers and make Downsizing proposals like the “Read the Bills Act” seen and heard by everyone, everywhere, every day.

Status (as of close of business Friday): 4 new pledgers, 987 left to go

Relentless progress will get the job done, so we plan to be relentless. Help us prepare to exploit the new political environment that will exist after the presidential primaries are over. Congressman Ron Paul has caused an explosion of public discussion about smaller government. This discussion must not end when the campaign ends, it must expand.

Here are the new monthly pledgers: Barbara Anne Baxter, W Thomas Phippins Jr, Marybeth W James

Here are the Downsizers who made one-time donations: Ted Dircz

You can get your name added to the list (unless you choose not to be listed), plus receive a copy of “The Downsize DC Vision.” Just start a monthly pledge of at least 16 cents per day ($5 per month). You can do so here.

Thank you for being a DC Downsizer.

Perry Willis
Communications Director, Inc.

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