November 10, 2015

Immigration control: a Trojan Horse to destroy your freedom and waste your money

Immigration control is a Trojan Horse aimed at YOU! Retweet {link broken}
By Perry Willis & Jim Babka

Prisons have walls. Prisons are also full of drugs and weapons — even homemade guns. The verdict is clear…

Walls and guards cannot make either drug prohibition or gun prohibition work. EVERYONE should know and understand this by now. Still, millions of Americans are repeating old mistakes by advocating…

People Prohibition

This is what immigration controls amount to — people prohibition. It cannot work, any more than alcohol prohibition, gun prohibition, or drug prohibition worked. Walls and guards and National ID systems cannot keep people out. Instead…

YOU will be tracked and monitored and restrained. YOU will need papers to seek work and to move from one place to another, while the “illegals” will continue to function in the black market. Please understand…

Immigration control is a Trojan Horse designed to destroy your freedom.

  • People prohibition is unConstitutional. The Founders only granted Congress the power to regulate who becomes a citizen (“naturalization”), NOT to control who travels or works or even lives here. Since there is no enumerated power for immigration control, the 10th Amendment therefore forbids it.
  • People prohibition is impractical, just as all previous forms of prohibition were impractical.
  • People prohibition is expensive and wasteful. Any money spent on an impractical task is inherently wasteful. But the problem is magnified because of tax funding. People are always less efficient when they’re spending money that belongs to others, especially when the flow of that money is guaranteed through threats of violence, as with taxes.

A new example serves to drive home this last point — a branch of the “government” called U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services has just wasted ten years and $1 billion attempting to place 95 different forms online. After all that time and expense only one form is actually online! They now estimate it will take another $3 billion to complete the project. It must be made clear to all those who advocate people prohibition…

  • This is how your so-called government operates.
  • This is the institution that you want to empower to implement people prohibition.
  • This is the organization that failed at alcohol prohibition, gun prohibition, and drug prohibition.
  • This is the institution that uses 95 different forms for immigration and citizenship, and that just spent ten years and $1 billion to digitize one of those forms.

Why would you expect effective immigration background checks from an organization that spends one billion dollars to digitize a single form? And even if they could do these checks, it would still be a foolish undertaking, because the immigrants could simply avoid them and smuggle themselves into the country.

Can we please stop playing pretend? Background checks are a fantasy! Can you imagine any terrorist filling out a form to tell you he is a terrorist?

The logic and evidence above should be sufficient to convince anyone that people prohibition is unConstitutional, immoral, and impractical… assuming that logic and evidence matter. Do they matter to you?


If you agree with us then please tell Congress to end immigration controls. The hardwired letter to Congress for that campaign reads…

Create a world where all people can travel from country to country without legal restrictions. OPPOSE immigration controls.

  • Send your letter using Downsize DC’s Educate the Powerful System. {Campaign expired; no longer active}
  • Copy or edit the above article to use as your personal comments to Congress or edit it to your liking.
  • Remarkably, just one disagreement like this, can cause otherwise good people to part with us. We will lose members because of what we’ve said here, so if you want us to keep taking principled stances, please support us by making a contribution or starting a monthly pledge.

Thank you,

Perry Willis & Jim Babka
Co-founders, Downsize DC

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