January 3, 2018

See the mailing Rep. Mia Love did about the One Subject at a Time Act

Help the One Subject at a Time Act gain its 27th congressional sponsor. Retweet

Can we achieve new things in the New Year? If so, then Downsize DC must do things to inspire Congresswoman Mia Love in the same way that she has inspired us. Just look at the effort she’s put into passing the One Subject at a Time Act. She’s achieved a record 26 co-sponsors for the bill, and even she did a constituent mailing about it…

Mia Love One Subject Mailer

We want to encourage Representative Love to redouble her effort by redoubling ours, starting with this…

We want to increase the pro-OSTA pressure we exert on Congress each month.

Step one: Send a message right now asking your reps to co-sponsor OSTA! It doesn’t matter how often you have done this before, do it again now!

If your House rep is already a co-sponsor, then you should still pressure your Senators to introduce OSTA in that Chamber. Our new software allows you to select which of your elected representatives will get your message. [Check the end of this message to see the current list of sponsors.]

Step two: Make a contribution so we can run the following ad on Facebook, or start a monthly pledge so we can run ads like this constantly…

Thanks for being an ACTIVE DC Downsizer,

Jim Babka & Perry Willis
Downsize DC

Here are the co-sponsors…
Rep. Massie, Thomas [R-KY-4]
Rep. Stewart, Chris [R-UT-2]
Rep. Walker, Mark [R-NC-6]
Rep. Buck, Ken [R-CO-4]
Rep. Blum, Rod [R-IA-1]
Rep. Duncan, Jeff [R-SC-3]
Rep. Biggs, Andy [R-AZ-5]
Rep. Harris, Andy [R-MD-1]
Rep. Loudermilk, Barry [R-GA-11]
Rep. Ratcliffe, John [R-TX-4]
Rep. Brat, Dave [R-VA-7]
Rep. Johnson, Mike [R-LA-4]
Rep. Meadows, Mark [R-NC-11]
Rep. Emmer, Tom [R-MN-6]
Rep. Schweikert, David [R-AZ-6]
Rep. Labrador, Raul R. [R-ID-1]
Rep. Collins, Doug [R-GA-9]
Rep. DeSantis, Ron [R-FL-6]
Rep. Bishop, Rob [R-UT-1]
Rep. Webster, Daniel [R-FL-11]
Rep. Brooks, Mo [R-AL-5]
Rep. Gaetz, Matt [R-FL-1]
Rep. Bacon, Don [R-NE-2]
Rep. Newhouse, Dan [R-WA-4]

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  1. Sean Tavish
    Posted January 4, 2018 at 10:24 am | Permalink

    One step in the right direction.

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