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November 5, 2012

Is The State Anarchistic?

Is The State anarchistic?

  • Can The State be ruled or does it merely rule others?
  • Is The State regulated by laws or does it exempt itself from regulation?
  • Can The State be governed or is it impervious to government?

We have a fairy tale we tell ourselves about these questions. We pretend that The State is governed by the Constitution and the voters. Is that really true?

Consider just one example . . .

The Feds had to amend the Constitution to permit alcohol prohibition, but they neglected to do so for drug prohibition. Instead, they simply ignored the law.

VERDICT: The Constitution does NOT govern The State.  

So what about voting?

Do the voters rule their rulers?

We think not. Consider the current election . . .

Three states may legalize pot tomorrow. But neither Obama nor Romney would submit to these votes. Both would continue to initiate violence against both pot growers and users in spite of what the voters want.

VERDICT: Voters don’t rule their rulers.

We’re playing pretend when we think that the Constitution protects us, and we’re playing pretend again if we think that elections can regulate the politicians.

Here’s the truth . . .

The State is an ANARCHISTIC institution. It’s ruled by no one, and it obeys no laws. It is un-governed and un-governable. In other words . . .

Statism is anarchism.

Yes, we’ve been taught to believe the reverse, that The State prevents anarchy. But when we notice that no one can control The State the truth begins to dawn  . . .

To be truly pro-government you must be anti-state.

This means you must work to replace the anarchistic political state with decentralized institutions of government controlled by consumer choice.

This is the only way you can end the current condition of statist anarchy.

To make this happen you must convince the statists to renounce the initiation of force. We have two campaigns at that do this specifically . . .

  • The Free Competition in Currency Act does NOT abolish the Federal Reserve, it merely allows you to opt out of the statist currency monopoly.
  • Likewise, our FDA campaign does NOT abolish the FDA, it merely asks for the FDA to be made voluntary, so that it can operate just like the Underwriters Laboratory.

And in fact, the Underwriters Laboratory is exactly what we have in mind when we talk about decentralized institutions of government controlled by consumer choice.

We mean specific institutions that provide specific governmental services in a way that allows them to be hired and fired, NOT by voting, but by consumers changing providers.

All of this will become more and more clear in the weeks and months ahead, but in the meantime . . .

There’s an election due. Do you really think it will change anything?

Aren’t you tired of doing the same old thing? Don’t you want to try something new, even if you feel like you don’t fully understand it yet? If so, can we have your help?

It’s always hard to fund our educational and activist efforts during the political silly season. The sports aspect of partisan electoral campaigns is a powerful attraction, no matter how disappointing the results always are. This year has been no different. We’re still $2,000 short of budget for October. You can make a difference by contributing here.

Perry Willis
Co-Founder, Inc.

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