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August 13, 2015

ISIS — declassified documents expose U.S. role

Most important story ever. #ISIS — declassified documents expose U.S. role. Retweet.

You’re about to learn a secret almost no one else knows.

Turn on the news. Donald Trump! You’ll get days of experts repeating the same talking points about him. Meanwhile…

The regime media forsakes its alleged duty. Perhaps the most critical story in American history passes unreported.

U.S. officials purposely fostered the creation of ISIS, according to declassified Pentagon documents. Why is this story ignored? To answer that question you need to know about…

Agenda Setting Theory — the media controls what you think and talk about by picking and choosing what it reports. Do you doubt this? Well…

Experience convinces us that Agenda Setting Theory is true. The direct mail fundraising guru Richard Viguerie put it this way 20 years ago…

“If (former CBS News anchor) Dan Rather isn’t talking about it, then I can’t raise money for it.” In other words…

The scale of the issue doesn’t matter. The worst possible attack on your liberty might be happening. But if the mainstream media isn’t talking about it, then the American people aren’t interested.

We’ve experienced this. The subject needs to be a headline, otherwise it’s almost impossible to get our supporters energized. Either we write about what CNN or Fox is talking about, or our readership falls and letters to Congress plummet!

Think about how dangerous this manipulation is…

Do you really want to let the establishment news media lead you around by the nose?

If not, then show your independence from media control by taking the following actions about these Pentagon ISIS documents.

First, share this email with ALL your friends.

We understand that sometimes you don’t share things that might annoy or offend people. But this is NOT one of those cases.


Think of yourself as the media, in this case. Share this message with everyone you know, because you must fill-in for the failing, regime media.

Second, use our Educate the Powerful System to write your elected reps demanding that they expose these declassified Pentagon documents.

We provide a sample letter, below, with a link to our quick and easy Congressional contact system. If some reps are shouting, media coverage should follow. But they won’t grab the bullhorn unless you insist.

Third, please contribute to help us send press releases about this issue.

Help us push this into the media’s consciousness. With sufficient resources, we can stir the waters below. Maybe then it will bubble up to the “agenda setters.”

You can make your contribution using our secure form. We accept credit cards, checks by mail, and even Bitcoin.

Your Letter to Congress…

We’ll use our campaign against “government” criminality for this purpose. The hardwired message to Congress reads…

I deny my consent to “government” criminality.

You can add to that by copying or editing the following sample letter (or writing your own from scratch)…

I want to draw your attention to a specific example of government criminality. I want you to take action to expose it. Specifically…

I want you to hold a press conference or write an open letter to the New York Times exposing the fact that U.S. government officials purposely and knowingly took actions that led to the rise of ISIS.

A recently declassified Pentagon document shows that the U.S. armed Al Qaeda groups in Syria. This document also predicted, beforehand, that this action would lead to the rise of something exactly like the group we now call ISIS.

You can read the Pentagon document here:

You can read an analysis of it here:

Michael Flynn, the former Chief of the Defense Intelligence Agency, confirms the claims I am making. You can read his comments here:

Please take immediate action. Do something to expose this crime. I will be watching what you do.


You can send your letter here, using Downsize DC’s quick and easy Educate the Powerful System.

Then, forward this email to ALL your friends. Every American needs to know about this.

Finally, make a contribution so we can send press releases exposing this crime.

Thanks in advance for your help,

Jim Babka & Perry Willis

Co-founders, Downsize DC

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