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August 14, 2012

It works! Do it again!

We got four congressional contacts because of your efforts last Friday!

Because of letters from DC Downsizers, three Representatives and one Senate office have requested more information. One of them even scheduled an appointment!

Jim Babka will be on Capitol Hill this afternoon, as well as tomorrow. So let’s do it again . . .

Ask your “reps” to meet with Jim Babka.

Please send your “reps” a message using the campaign for the “One Subject at a Time Act” at

Write this in your personal comments . . .

I would like for someone on your staff to meet with Jim Babka. Mr. Babka is the President of, the organization that created the “One Subject” bill. He will be on Capitol Hill Tuesday (the 14th) and Wednesday (the 15th), meeting with the some of the representatives and the Senator who have co-sponsored this legislation.

I would like you to meet him about also becoming a sponsor. You can reach Mr. Babka, even during his Capitol Hill visits, at Mr. Babka will be reporting to nearly 30,000 people, including me, to tell us who agreed to meet with him.

You can send your letter to Congress here:

Thanks, we’ll report back to tell you more about Jim’s trip.

Perry Willis Inc.

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