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June 10, 2007

It’s About the Questions

My one hour radio show, the Downsize DC Conference Call, is on this afternoon (Sunday) at 4 PM Eastern (3 PM Central, 2 PM Mountain, and 1 PM Pacific). I think this may be one of the most memorable and important shows I’ll ever do.

For about three years now, with each passing month, the call for to do something on the topic of 9-11 has intensified. People have sent me videos, books, articles, and tons of emails, insisting that there was more there than met the eye.

I have found some of this stuff to be interesting. However, the claims made in these various presentations almost always exceeded the evidence (when it should be the other way around). Some of them were sheer lunacy.

In February a friend of mine lent me a DVD titled, “9/11 Press for Truth.” I didn’t want to watch it, but he insisted that this presentation was different. I didn’t believe him, but he was a friend, and so I watched it anyway. And he was right.

I purchased some copies of the DVD and asked some close advisors to watch it. All but one of them agreed, it was special. The remaining individual, my working partner at, Perry Willis, at first, refused to watch for the same reasons I did. But he finally relented, and he too agreed, this documentary was different.

Why was it different? Because it asked questions. The evidence it produced supported the questions. The research was backed by solid, mainstream journalism.

And the questions, all by themselves (without any conspiratorial theorizing) are terribly damning — particularly because they are asked by the victims’ families, including a charming group of women the media has dubbed, The Jersey Girls.

It’s about the questions. The right questions can result in accountability. We have not had accountability. Quite the opposite. The catastrophe of September 11 has been treated like all the other failures of our Monopoly Government: It has been rewarded with new powers, more money, and a larger bag of favors to hand out.

And that makes this issue a Downsize DC matter.

Today, my radio show will, for the first time in history, launch a new campaign. We have never launched a lobbying effort on a Sunday. But we will today.

Ray Nowosielski, co-writer and co-producer of 9/11 Press for Truth, will be my guest for the entire hour. I was pleased to learn, upon meeting Ray, that he already knew about and that he wanted to work with us.

The phone number is 1-800-259-9231. The show email address is “call at DownsizeDC dot org” (if you hit reply to this message, or send a message to our comments line, I will not see it in time for the show — last week, ten people did exactly that).

Although the show is played on a handful of stations, the best way to catch the show is to listen online at

The Downsize DC Conference Call is sponsored by and Gun Owners of America, and we’ll have a GOA Update as well. But the topics and guests are chosen by me, and the opinions expressed do not necessarily represent those of the sponsors.

Jim Babka
The Downsize DC Conference Call

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