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December 30, 2007

Jim Babka on Air AND In Person

On today’s Downsize DC Conference Call, my one-hour, Sunday radio show, heard at 4:06 PM Eastern (3:06 PM Central, 2:06 PM Mountain, 1:06 PM Pacific), I’ll give you my insights as a trained psephologist (someone who analyzes polls).

Do you trust the polls? What do you expect will happen in Iowa and New Hampshire? I want to hear from you!

Plus I’ll tell you about the three heroes of the Ron Paul campaign (one of them will really shock you). 


The Downsize DC Conference Call is about to grow. Already I’m on a better show clock with fewer commercial breaks and longer segments. Even better, my talks with a program director at an FM talk radio station took another step forward this week, and the Genesis Communications Network is offering to double my show to two hours. Should I take the extra hour?

I have more to say about this, below my signature. Please check it out.


It’s time for the second annual Liberty Forum of the Free State Project, Thursday January 3 to Sunday January 6, 2008 in Nashua, New Hampshire. I’ll be speaking on Saturday, January 5th.

Ron Paul will be there. Other speakers will be Bernard von NotHaus currency architect and creator of the Liberty Dollar, Carla Howell from the Center for Small Government, Ethan Nadelmann Executive Director of the Drug Policy Alliance, and Wayne Green creator of Byte magazine, and many more!

Ian and Mark of the nationally syndicated radio show “Free Talk Live” to be set up, doing their broadcasts direct from the site as well.

On top of that, my wife Sue and I expect to do another installment of “Breakfast with the Babkas” on Sunday morning, January 6th. If you want to attend that breakfast, please send a message to COMMENTS at DOWNSIZEDC dot ORG and make your reservations. We’ll be back in touch with details.

Everything you would want to know about the Liberty Forum is available at

And a 10% discount is available to those who use the code “2008DDC”  Please register with this code!


My show, which is sponsored by, can be heard on a couple of stations, but the best way for nearly everyone on this list to hear the show is online at

As usual, we’ll have an update from my other sponsor, Gun Owners of America. Today’s message, unfortunately, is bad news.

I’ve got other stuff on tap, but I suspect that you’ll be calling with great observations, insights, and questions for your knowledgeable host. It’s the number of callers and emailers that my show has been getting, lo these recent months, which has convinced my network I’m worth two hours. Thank you. Let’s keep it up.

The number is 1-800-259-9231. You can email the show at CALL at DOWNSIZEDC dot ORG.

Happy Listening,

Jim Babka
Downsize DC Conference Call

P.S. Guess which Genesis Communications Network (GCN) hosted show is the most popular program on Sundays? That’s right, the Downsize DC Conference Call! Audience levels have increased dramatically during 2007.

I’ve already told you about the better show clock, second hour, and a possible big station carrying the show. Can I take full advantage?

Well, I really need additional sponsorship. To continue this show through 2008, it would be very helpful to have greater financial backing. Amongst other things, this would make it possible to expand the show to even more markets and spread the message of Downsizing DC far and wide. I now have several sponsorship packages available, starting at $160 per month.

We have just one weekly show sponsor slot — like Gun Owners of America has — guest sponsors slots, which makes it possible to book interesting guests, and an 800# sponsorship, which gets your company mentioned every time I give out the show’s phone number.

Advertisers need to fit in with my show format and image, and I’ll be the sole judge of that. Political candidate advertising will NOT be accepted. 

Should I accept the second hour? I really want to. Would you like to advertise your product or service to other DC Downsizers and the type of thoughtful listeners my show attracts? You can’t ask for better customers than that! Please contact me at CALL at DOWNSIZEDC dot ORG.

Normally, I only check email to that address on Sunday. But this week, I’ll be looking for an email from you.  

If your comment is off-topic for this post, please email us at


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