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December 1, 2015

Juiced-evidence and a global raid on your wallet? #ParisClimateConference

Can #ParisClimateConference politicians fix anything, let alone the environment? #tlot Retweet

The big political event this week is the Paris climate summit, a chance for the United States to lead the way in handing over sovereignty of its local environment, in favor of imposing additional burdens on your industry and your wallet.

Some degree of climate change is likely real. Change happens! The real debate is whether we want to let the politicians respond to it. After all, if we’re going to be “scientific” about this, there’s no evidence that politicians solve problems. There’s abundant evidence that they make problems worse and even create new ones.

I used Downsize DC’s “Cap and Trade” campaign to send the following letter to my “representatives” in Congress.

The hardwired message for this campaign reads…

Oppose all politically-imposed schemes designed to deal with increasing CO2, including “cap and trade.”

You can copy or edit the following sample letter for your personal comments to Congress…

I expect you to OPPOSE any agreement that may emerge from the “COP21” climate summit that would lead to governments stealing more of my money or freedom.

Specifically: Oppose any agreement that calls for new taxes, energy-use restrictions, or “green energy” mandates, whether on individuals or businesses. This includes any “cap-and-trade” scheme.

Heavy-handed government mandates and raids on consumers’ and taxpayers’ wallets are NOT the solution to climate-related problems. However…

* Dr. Richard Lindzen, M.I.T. climate scientist, says any recent changes in global temperature are so small they suggest “a low and inconsequential climate sensitivity – meaning no problem at all.”

* Dr. Will Happer, Princeton University physicist, says policies to slow CO2 emissions are based on “computer models that do not work” and are therefore “nonsense.”

Worse, government scientists may be “juicing” evidence for catastrophic climate change, including (most recently) manipulating data to show a hotter-than-normal October 2015.

The very timing of their report, rushed to publication without appropriate review on the eve of COP21, raises concerns.

Do NOT make the U.S. a party to any climate deal based on questionable and agenda-driven science. Do NOT make the U.S. a party to any deal that would raid Americans’ wallets or infringe their liberty to make their own energy-use decisions.

I expect you to vote AGAINST any new laws or rules implementing such an agreement, and to publicly oppose any actions by the executive branch to impose one unilaterally.


Please join with others and send a letter. It’s easy! If the sample letter doesn’t work for you, modify it to your liking or write one of your own.

The next most important thing you can do, right now, is make a donation of $50 or start a $5 per month pledge. If you can afford to double that, here at year’s end, even better!

  • If you choose the one-time donation route, we accept mailed cash or checks, major credit cards, and PayPal.
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  • For pledges, please use our SECURE system, which accepts MasterCard, Visa, Discover, and American Express. This method yields the lowest processing and ongoing management costs, so a larger percentage of your donation makes it to Downsize DC’s mission.

Every pledge makes a difference. We have many people who give $2 per month. The average is about $11.

And you can choose your preferred giving option at our secure contribution form.

Thank you for being a DC Downsizer,

Perry Willis
Vice President
Downsize DC

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