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November 15, 2010

Lame Duck Session: Should This Congress Spend More of Your Money?

Quote of the Day: “The American people’s message was clear in the 2010 election — they want the incoming Congress to make their laws. The voters’ wish should be respected.” — Pat Choate

“You’re fired.”

That’s what the voters told Congress on November 2.

Do you want someone you’ve just fired to stay on the job and spend more of your money?

That’s exactly what Congress intends to do in the “lame duck session” that begins today. Several of their bills will kill jobs and increase the national debt.

We think our country would be better off if Congress just went home for an extended vacation.

If you agree, please send a letter telling Congress to go home. Use’s Cut Federal Spending campaign.

You may borrow from or copy this letter . . .

The November 2 election gave Congress a mandate to cut spending, and to stop over-regulating the economy. And yet in the lame-duck session . . .

* The House wants to spend $12.8 billion on a Social Security bill – without even providing a means to pay for it

* The Senate will consider a fraudulently-named “food safety” bill, an environmental bill, and a “paycheck fairness” bill – all of which will be a nightmare for the economy.

This Congress was fired exactly because the people got tired of fiscally reckless, job-killing bills like these. Haven’t you done enough damage to the country already?

If you won’t work to cut spending during the lame-duck session, then I insist that you . . .

* Pass a continuing resolution to keep the government running for the next few months
* Extend the 2001 tax cuts that are about to expire
* And then, go home for an extended vacation.

Most importantly, DO NOT PASS ANY MORE BILLS. I’ve had enough!


You can send your letter through’s Educate the Powerful System.

And we invite you to forward this to your friends and share it on Facebook.

James Wilson
Assistant Communications Director

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