October 16, 2017

Be sure to open TOMORROW’s message

The Downsizer-Dispatch is back, tomorrow! Retweet

That means we’re going to turn up the intensity. We’re going to be delivering more Actions to you more often.

  • Your point-n-click, bathrobe activism is about to take off Bathrobe activism
  • And that will also be true for all your partners in this growing Downsize DC Army

Our actions are going to be more strategic, and our tactics will have greater continuity. If the Downsizer-Dispatch is going to be about anything, it will be Plans & Progress.

Yes, we want to win on individual issues. But our primary goal will be to emerge from every battle bigger and stronger for the next one so that, eventually

Congress will be unable to ignore us.

And just think what that will mean for the One Subject at a Time Act, the Read the Bills Act, and our other initiatives!

The Downsizer-Dispatch was the cornerstone of our growth during Downsize DC’s first decade. But this time around, the Dispatch will have a partner. And we’ll be showing that to you TOMORROW, with the first Dispatch. We’re going to grow faster and stronger than ever.

We want to make sure you don’t miss tomorrow’s newsletter. It will include a new tactic.

But it’s a problem if you do miss this message. So please don’t assume we just haven’t sent anything. Keep your eyes peeled for the Wednesday message because…

We’re using our new software tools to deliver the Dispatch. New procedures are always riddled with potholes. We’re hoping the bumps will be few and tiny. But…

If you don’t get our message from Newsletter@DownsizeDC.org tomorrow, please hit Reply to this message, and tell us this week.


Hang on to this message, so you can reach us quickly and easily (again, just hit Reply) if you don’t get tomorrow’s renewed Downsizer-Dispatch. We don’t want you to miss it going forward.

It’s about to get fun.

Jim Babka
Downsize DC

P.S. Gmail is the second most popular domain amongst our subscribers. Gmail likes to redirect even those newsletters you’ve requested into a folder called “promotions.”

  1. Move it out of promotions and into to your Inbox AND…
  2. “Teach Gmail: that it’s important” and you’ll start seeing it in your inbox.

To “teach Gmail,” click the right-pointing arrow just to the left of “Downsizer-Dispatch” on your Inbox screen. Gmail calls that arrow an “importance marker.” Said differently, that marker is located just to the left of the “From” line, on the preview screen. And when the marker is filled-in, it’s yellow, meaning Gmail understands you value this message and want to see it.

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