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July 1, 2007

Lies, Damned Lies, and The New York Times

The title I’ve chosen for today’s episode (Sunday) of the Downsize DC Conference Call, my one hour radio show at 4 PM Eastern (3 PM Central, 2 PM Mountain, and 1 PM Pacific), might seem negative — but really, it’s not.

There’s actually even more good news to report this week (as if the Immigration/Real ID bill defeat wasn’t enough). And you, DC Downsizers, had something to do with this latest success as well. This news comes from the U.S. Supreme Court, where our sister organization the Downsize DC Foundation filed an amicus brief.

The news I’m going to share is especially good for Downsize DC. But the New York Times didn’t like it.

DC Downsizers, do you want to know what _your_ latest success is? Want to know what it means to our organization’s future?  . . . the country’s future?

Want to know if I give a hoot what the New York Times thinks?

Then tune into my show at

We’ll also talk about what the Immigration success means to us — because the news is even better than merely defeating a bad bill. I’ll give you, the rest of the story. 

You won’t get this kind of analysis on any other show! Most of the other hosts want to talk about Paris Hilton. They mention Paris Hilton over and over again just to move up in the ratings or the search engine rankings. But my show has a policy against talking about Paris Hilton.

We won’t even mention Paris Hilton by name. I promise: You won’t have to hear about Paris Hilton on my show. There’ll be no cheap ratings or rankings gimmicks from me.

Instead, we’ll give you a Gun Owners of America Update. After all, they sponsor the show, along with

And if Paris Hilton wants to get an update in my show, she can become a sponsor.

Happy Listening,

Jim Babka
Downsize DC Conference Call

P.S. Each week, we give out the email address for the show in what might appear to be a Byzantine fashion. “Call at DownsizeDC dot org” Apparently, that’s confused some folks.

But if you were dictating the address out loud, that’s how you would say it. Obviously, that’s not how you’d type it. For example, in between the words “call” and “DownsizeDC” you’d type @.

Why do I make this so complicated?

Well, these Dispatch messages get published in several places on the web. Spammers use automated harvesting programs to grab addresses that are served as a link.

I get enough spam. I’m not going to make the spammer’s job any easier.

So please, type it out, like you would for any other email message you’d send . . .  Call at DownsizeDC dot org.

Or you can call, 1-800-259-9231 (or should I say, One, Eight-hundred, Two, Five, Nine, Ninety-two, Thirty-one?).  

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