January 23, 2019

5 things the Libertarian Census will do for you

Here’s what the Libertarian Census will do for you…

Benefit #1: Give you an army of 30-million libertarian friends!

We’ll simply ASK people, “Are you a libertarian?” That’s how various studies determined that 30-million people currently self-identify as libertarian. These people may not be libertarian the same way you are, but locating them is the first step toward moving them in your direction, and putting them to work promoting your goals.

Benefit #2: Show you where the libertarians are in your neighborhood!

Oops! Libertarians are privacy nuts, right? So…

  1. We’ll let people choose their visibility level.
  2. Those who choose invisibility will be displayed anonymously as part of the count for their zip code or precinct.
  3. But you’ll be able to see all the others on a map!

Benefit #3: Network with the libertarians in your area (and around the country!)

  • Need a plumber? Would you prefer to hire a libertarian?
  • Would you like to have libertarians as customers?
  • Would you like to socialize with libertarians who share your religious values or recreational interests?
  • Do you want to coordinate with other libertarians to advance the cause?

The Libertarian Census will make all of that possible.

Benefit #4: Activate libertarians to create a libertarian America.

We (Jim Babka and Perry Willis) have written a little book called…

The Plan: How to create a libertarian America in as little as ten years, using resources that already exist.

Learn how to get your copy. Keeping reading!

Benefit #5: Locate the additional 30-million people who have libertarian views.

30-million Americans self-identify as libertarians, and another 30-million hold mostly libertarian positions on the issues. These people agree with you more than they do the Left and the Right! That makes them the best prospects to move even further in your direction! So let’s find them! But first we have to….

Raise enough money to launch the Libertarian Census!

Make a donation or start a monthly pledge of any size and we will…

  • Put your name on the Founders Committee roster on the new Libertarian Census website
  • Send you an electronic copy of The Plan: How to create a libertarian America in as little as ten years, using resources that already exist

The more you donate the higher your name will rank on the Founders Committee. Start a monthly pledge and we’ll multiply it times 12 to list you higher on the Founders’ roster.

Become a Founder now!

Yes! You can become a Founder and get The Plan for as little as a dollar! But the more you give the higher you’ll rank! Help us change the world. Help us make the Libertarian Census a reality.

Perry Willis & Jim Babka
Co-creators, Libertarian Census
Co-creators, Zero Aggression Project
Co-founders, Downsize DC

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