January 11, 2018

Can you guess our main desire for 2018?

Could one simple daily action lead to major changes in Congress? Retweet

Here’s the one thing we most want in 2018…

More daily pressure on Congress from more and more DC Downsizers. 

What will that get us? It could get us the next Mia Love.

Please understand, neither Jim Babka nor Perry Willis went to Washington, DC to recruit Mia Love to introduce OSTA (the One Subject at a Time Act). In fact, this is a story where DC Downsizers have the power!

Mrs. Love heard about the OSTA from a DC Downsizer! She called her staff to confirm the bill existed. It had been introduced in previous Congresses by another Representative. And that first Representative was reacting to popular pressure from another crowd of DC Downsizers.

And that’s not all. We know that a couple of the more recent co-sponsors were also in touch, directly, with DC Downsizers. Plus, last year a Congressional office called us in response to a constituent letter they’d received. That staffer had questions about our Downsize DC Agenda.

You see, contacting Congress works!

And the more we do it, on more subjects, the more it will achieve! We’ve shown you in previous messages that…

  • The politicians pay attention to your letters for the same reason they pay attention to opinion polls
  • Libertarians have a special advantage when pressuring Congress because they will be the swing position on most matters of controversy between the Left and the Right.

That’s why we want more and more people who will…

  • Open every message we send and take every action they agree with – this can be done in a matter of seconds in most cases.
  • Follow us on Facebook, with the “See First” setting, so they can do the Flash Actions we post there.

We know of no other approach that can achieve so much with so little effort.

So please do the following…

  • If you haven’t yet sent a January message in support of OSTA, please do that now.
  • If you’ve already sent your January OSTA message then please send a message in support of RTBA (the Read the Bills Act).

“Extra credit” actions…

  • If you’re on Facebook, but not yet following us there, please do follow us, and set your follow to “See First”.
  • We can currently recruit new DC Downsizers for less than $2 each. Please make a contribution or start a monthly pledge so we can recruit more people to expand our pressure on Congress.

Thanks for being an ACTIVE DC Downsizer,

Perry Willis & Jim Babka
Downsize DC

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