June 4, 2019

Good news from Congress (marijuana)

Pressure your reps to co-sponsor marijuana legalization bills in Congress Retweet

There are three bills in Congress that would legalize marijuana at the federal level – two in the Senate and one in the House.

  • The key Senate bill has six co-sponsors.
  • The main House bill has gained four more co-sponsors since it was introduced.

That’s good news! Meanwhile…

Bills to decriminalize or legalize continue to make progress in the states and even around the world. There are too many examples to list them all!

It seems that each time this happens at the local level, marijuana legalization makes progress more likely at the federal level.

Constant pressure also helps.

That’s why you should tell your reps to…

Co-sponsor All of the Marijuana Bills

If, when you go to see your message to Congress, you see that one of your reps is already a co-sponsor, please add a thank you to them in your message.

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