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June 27, 2016

Maybe we should get our guns out of Saudi Arabia first!

Politicians talk about Orlando; ignore Mastaba. Congress should have “gun control.” Retweet

It’s an error repeatedly made by politicians. They think every conflict has a good guy and a bad guy. But that’s rarely true. And believing it leads to another miscalculation…

Alliances with bad guys are justified. From Stalin during WW2 to Saudi Arabia today, the United States has a long sordid history of partnering with monsters.

The newest example of this comes in form of the U.S. alliance with Saudi Arabia, and that country’s meddling in Yemen’s civil war. This inspired us to send a letter to Congress using the Downsize DC campaign to have the U.S. “stop policing the world.” The hardwired message for that campaign reads…

Defend America only. Do not manipulate or police the world.

You should send a letter to your so-called “representatives.” You can copy or edit our sample letter below…

I specifically want you to oppose Saudi Arabia’s use of American weapons to intervene in Yemen’s civil war.

First, the groups fighting to control Yemen are all bad. They are radical Islamists. There are no good guys with whom we must side.

Second, Saudi Arabia is an evil dictatorship. It’s also a major source of world terrorism. Our government should not be allied with those monsters. We MUST stop selling them weapons.

Third, the ONLY innocent people in Yemen’s civil war are the women and children being killed by our rockets and bombs. Specifically, you should be aware that…

Our evil Saudi allies recently bombed a marketplace in Mastaba, Yemen. The attack killed 95 civilians, including 25 children. This is more people than died in the recent Orlando mass shooting. So, if you’re concerned about the Orlando crime you should be even more concerned about this.

These are murders committed by a U.S. ally using U.S. weapons. Do not write these human deaths off with some shameful euphemism like “collateral damage.” Since there is no good side in Yemen, there is no “good cause” these deaths can be collateral to. They are pure murder, committed in our name with our resources.

Understand, when the people of Yemen see F-16s flying overhead, they do not just see Saudi Arabia as the culprit. They also see America as the culprit. This creates unnecessary enemies for us.

Your interventionist policy makes us less secure. It also makes a mess of the world. I deny consent. End our participation in this criminality.


Thank you for being an ACTIVE DC Downsizer,

Jim Babka & Perry Willis

Downsize DC

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