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May 11, 2006

Medical Marijuana Champion Freed

Many of you are probably aware of the ordeal of Steve Kubby, and many others of you probably aren’t. In either case, we encourage you to go to The Kubby Chronicles to learn of the major victory for liberty Steve attained after seven long scary and stressful years. These included dealing with a life-threatening illness and filing for refugee status in Canada.

True, Steve Kubby should never have had to spend one minute in jail, and he’s just been released after 62 days. But the good news is that (in Kubby’s own words) . . .

“In the seven years since my previous stay in the Placer jail, moreover, I found that law-enforcement attitudes about medical marijuana had changed. Gone was the hostility and taunts that guards directed my way in 1999. This time they called me “Mister Kubby,” and treated me with respect. Especially after all the demonstrations at the Jail on my behalf.”

and especially this

“I might have stayed in jail two-thirds longer, but I was released early after receiving a personal visit from the Placer County Sheriff Ed Bonner, who commended me for my work on behalf of medical marijuana. Sheriff Bonner said law enforcement had learned a lot about medical marijuana through the course of my prosecution, and said he was honored to meet me.

“Sheriff Bonner then told me he would talk with the district attorney and presiding judge, and advise them to ‘bury the hatchet.'”

Read it all here.

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