July 24, 2017

Meet the new DownsizeDC.org

Debut of the NEW DownsizeDC.org Retweet

We’ve been waiting for this day!  width=

Today, we launch the new DownsizeDC.org.

Our new website is modern and clean. It will display and work far better on your phone or tablet. It will be easier to share, and you’ll be proud to do so. And more improvements are coming.

You’ll also appreciate the new functionality…

We’ve used our “Educate the Powerful System” since July 2008. It will now be replaced by the Engagement Toolbox.

Today, we introduce the first tool in that box. We’ll add more tools in the coming months. But right away…

  1. You’ll no longer copy & paste the sample letter. But you’ll still be able to edit it.
  2. You won’t need to login — no password to remember. [We recommend you use your browser’s capacity to save your form settings. You’ll breeze through letter sending faster than ever!]
  3. CAPTCHA difficulties will disappear. They’ve plagued users in a handful of districts — some as far back as two years ago. Now they’re gone!
  4. The one Senator and one Rep who inverted the “letter loading” process will now get your letters too.

Plus, we’ll be spending less on maintenance, while simultaneously maintaining a 99% or better delivery rate. And, thanks to the service we’re using, all Congressional pages will stay updated automatically, with no effort from us or problems for you.

NOTE: Even with all these improvements, this new website is in BETA TEST mode and YOU’RE one of the TESTERS. If you notice anything strange or wrong, just hit Reply to this message.

And we have more good news coming on the heels of this new website!

FIRST, we’ve been sitting on some great, record-breaking progress. We’ve wanted to report this for a couple months now. We were waiting for our new tools so we could capitalize on it.

SECOND, an “old friend” is due to return. Part of this process required us to dig back into our archives. While there, we found something that we lost — a thing that we stopped doing. In hindsight, we simply shouldn’t have. So we’re bringing it back. Please stay tuned!

Please VISIT OUR NEW WEBSITE. Poke around.

Our next message to you will be our first Action Item in this new era.

Thank you for being a DC Downsizer,

Jim Babka & Perry Willis
Downsize DC Co-founders
(along with Steve Dasbach and the late-Harry Browne)

P.S. A special thanks to all of our Re-Founders: Brian Thomson, Larry Ryan, Jann Werner, Ken Whedbee, Bill Staton, Bruce Sawicki, Virginia Schilling, Ferdinand Reinke, David Mason, Robert Stern, Jean McCrady, Bruce Morton, Peter Cappello, Leo Hamel, Robert Lehman, Dwight Baker, William Hees, Allan Higgins, Bruce Liddel, Nicholas Hasulak, Robert Hart Jr, Albert Pigeon, William Buzzell, Martin Anding, David Rempel, Carl Case, Wilma Sinclair, Scott Mosher, David Kaup, Rob Miller, John Fehsenfeld, Daniel Laux, Stephanie Adams, Andy Williams, Jonathan Sauer, David King, Eric Olivas, Mary Swim, Joe Cobb, Elijah Henry, Travis Walston, Steven Castrechino, James E Mayer, John Sparduto, Michael Burks, Richard Loomis, Andrew Borom, R Hilliard, James Smith, Benjamin Moyes, John Bitner, Alan Eames, David Rowntree, Joshua Horstman, Erik Lindborg, Marc Bessent, Victoria Kelley, Richard Browning, Edward Wright, Jon Foster, Deborah Bishop, Michael Gibbs, Tim Kaelin, Christopher Norbury, Mel Pinney, John Hathaway, Marjorie Peters, Jaret Osborne, Charles Lankford, Kendra Robb, Jim Compton, Michael Stoll, Kay Samalin, Howard Beatty, Michel Kaiser, Curry Taylor, Jack Madren Jr, Craig Finch, Dave Larson, Ralph Horton, Mark LeBar, Dan’l Leviton, Mark Crowley, Robert Lidral, Randolph Szabla, Jim Ferris, Mark Gogan, Dennis Poole, Chuck Patel, Michael Phillips, Doug Szarkowski, Peter Skaates, Steven Schram, Barbara Haskins, John DiLiberto, Franklin Davis, Tom Demers, Shawn M. Murray, J.D., Christopher Gough, Ross Primrose, Jerry Titus, Joseph Plummer, Diane McFarland, Franklin Davis, David Kornbluh, Ronald Cadby, Kerry Daniel, Michael Kraus, Judith Ann Shellabarger, Mark Wilczekm, Randy Young, William Cross, Susan Tindall, Norman Coppola, Kurt Schurenberg, Steven Busby, Pamela Krauskopf, Jerry Mabry, Ralph Hollister, Frank Pater, Michael Maskalans, Roger Garcia, David Brown, Terri Dewell, Anne Marshall, Thomas Kurzej, Travis Williams, Pranav Badhwar, David Jeffries, Kathleen Arnheim, Len Hofferber, Andrew Jason, William Stoner, Terry Robinson, William White, Timothy Doubledee, Dan Kelly, Michael Hughes, Dana Gudenau, Roger Leahy, Jim Wilson, James Troy, Anneliese Gimpel, Shohn Trojacek, Joel Norgaard, Pamela Browne, Robert Schlotman, James LaCombe, Dana Davis, Craig Thompson, Marta Howard, Sandra Pierre, Eric Parks, Peggy Christensen, Virgil Ragsdale, Jim Delton, Jack Bruns, Dale & Leslie Bates, Mike Spalding, Adam Rezner, Andrew Walling, Derek Moyes, George Hanson, Ronald Pond, Jacquelyn St Aubyn, Dwight Bakker, Randy Etter, Patricia Wedel, Steve Stewart, Michael O’Brien, David Gorrell, James Balson, Justin Gillen, Jackson Harvey, David Weakland, Thibeaux Lincecum, Sonja Smith, Eric Geislinger, Jeff Stewart, Pattie Bagwell, Odetta Pierce, Chuck Metalitz, James Wahler, Todd Clark, David Herzfeld, Matthew Pfluger, Carl Swinney, Phil Hoff, Richard Fall, Roy Fuller, Gregory Williamson, Richard Hale, Kristi Granger, Charles Brady, Teryn Driver, Keith Brilhart, Brice Dobry, Marcelyn Floyd, Landon Cahow, Annalee Scharbor, Bob Ford, Martin Johnson, Tom Morris, Valerie Nixon, Dan Goebel, Paul Rogers, Larry Upshaw, Timothy Streit. Wendell Drye. Luke Elms, Steven Hahn, Loretta Hurite. Paul Smith, Thomas Thacker, Jeffrey Hatwig, Joyce Manett, R.S. Elam, Kirk Beck, Tracy Almeida, Mary Kennedy, Jerry Hickman, Jeff Held, Wes Johnson, Robert Bussey, Tim Haffner, Raylene Short, Gregg Young, Gary Wood, Derrick Nybakken, Robert Taylor, Bobby Chapuis, Bruce Boyd, Sue Lewis, Hana Bernard, Terry Hulsey, Kathleen Chippi, Richard Siebold, Jo Vaccarino, Edward Krieger, Scott Lieberman, John Davis, Linda Rowberg, James Howe, Nicholas McNamara, Paul Meyer, David Bradshaw, James C. Stevens, Steven Bachman, Charlotte Juett, David Yett, Carrie Eiler, Mike Clancy, Jon Foster, Mike Rosing, James Sewell, Joe Shearey, Robert Havay, Jim Babka, Tom Mulcahy, Rachel Weber, Dan Moyes, Brittany Wolf, Frances Gettys, Bernard Zamostny, Adora Jones, Thomas Solt, STATEOFTHEHEART LLC, Brad Morefield, John Walker, Evan Nagel, Liz Winterhawk, Martha Montelongo, Anna Janek, William IV, Darryl W. Perry, Nick Morana, Joseph Keeney, Joseph Theriault, Kit Arbuckle, Paul Price, David Gaj, Greg Moser, Scott Grunsted, Thomas Mayhew, Brian Happaney, Drew Campbell, Larry Calvert, Roy Hannah, Michael Kitchen, Thomas Knapp, Billy Burger, Paul Spray

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  1. John Wilson
    Posted August 18, 2017 at 12:44 pm | Permalink

    Please keep up the good work.
    Thanks for your diligence!

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