November 11, 2019

Can you distinguish national defense need from military-complex greed?

Meet the world’s largest purchasing department, and the center of military-complex greed Retweet

Can you distinguish national defense need from military-complex greed?

Work continues on our new Downsize Statesploitation website (coming soon). Today, we’re sharing a reference article that will be featured on the home page…

Where is the world’s largest purchasing department?

The answer to that question affects you. It’s the seat of a huge amount of #statesploitation (a small lobby manipulating the majority for their own benefit). It is…

The Pentagon.

Read on to find out how you can distinguish national defense need from military-complex greed.


If you understand that the Pentagon is really a purchasing department and not really the hub of awesome military strategy, then you’ll appreciate our next article. It will be a new edition to our famous history of military interventions series. Downsize DC co-founder, Perry Willis, returns with a new installment titled…

What if WW2 had been voluntarily funded?

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