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April 24, 2015

Mitch McConnell wants to invade your privacy for 5 more years

We provide a SHOCKING detail about the effectiveness of the Patriot Act, in the letter below.
A Patriot Act provision that authorizes warrantless bulk surveillance EXPIRES June 1.
If you want it dead and gone forever, tell Congress through's Surveillance State Repeal Act campaign.
You may copy or edit this letter that I sent…

Edward Snowden shocked America when he revealed extensive spying on the American people, authorized by Section 215 of the Patriot Act.
Mitch McConnell, however, sees NOTHING wrong with 215. He's by-passing the committee process to ram through a bill extending the Patriot Act for FIVE MORE YEARS.
Section 215 allows, WITHOUT A SEARCH WARRANT…
* the NSA's bulk collection of our phone records
* FBI and NSA access to our Internet behavior, medical history, credit card purchases, gun sales, and more (
And how how many terrorist attacks were prevented by this immoral and unconstitutional invasion of privacy?
That's the verdict of TWO review boards with access to classified files. (
DON'T believe the pro-spying crowd’s lies when they say Patriot Act protects us against ISIS. They said the same about Al Qaeda. And if they get their way, in five years they'll use ANOTHER bogeyman to justify yet ANOTHER extension.
Fight, filibuster, and delay McConnell’s bill so that 215 expires. And…
Pass the Surveillance State Repeal Act!  

Send your letter using's Educate the Powerful System.
We're active on several fronts, fighting surveillance — working with more than one coalition. We've posted some of this work at our blog.
But to stay in this fight, we need your help. We’re behind on meeting our budget for April. Without a mere $2,080 more, this week, we'll likely run a deficit.
If you value Downsize DC, especially if you haven't given in awhile or at all, now would be an excellent time to join us.
Someone reading this could contribute the entire amount. And monthly credit card pledges are especially appreciated, because they help us plan ahead. We accept many types of payment at our secure web form.
Thank you,
Jim Babka
President, Inc.

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