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May 19, 2009

More good news on the Enumerated Powers Act

Quote of the Day: “The layman’s constitutional view is that what he likes is constitutional and that which he doesn’t like is unconstitutional.” — Justice Hugo L. Black Source: New York Times, 26 February 1971.

Editorial Comment: Justice Black must have been a layman

Subject: New co-sponsors!

DC Downsizers have pounded Congress with 32,067 messages in support of the “Enumerated Powers Act” (EPA). Now there’s more good news. EPA has gained another 3 co-sponsors during the past week! Let’s keep pushing…

  • Go to’s campaign page for the “Enumerated Powers Act”
  • Click on the “Talking Points” button to see if your Representative is a co-sponsor
  • Then click on the “Send Your Message” button
  • If your Rep. is a co-sponsor, thank him or her, and tell your Senators to introduce the bill in the Senate
  • If your Rep. isn’t a co-sponsor, ask him or her to become one, and tell your Senators to introduce the bill

Remember, the federal government is legally limited by the 10th Amendment to only those functions specifically listed (enumerated) in the Constitution. The EPA would force Congress to site its specific Constitutional authority for every law they pass.

Our goal this month is to pound Congress with  more than 31,730 messages. That means we must hit Congress with 1,508 messages today. Go forth and pound.

Because today’s message is so short I’m taking the opportunity to paste the instructions for our “Personalized Recruitment” project beneath my signature. The Downsize DC Army is growing very rapidly right now, and “Personalized Rectruitment” is a big reason for it. After you’ve sent your EPA message to Congress, give the instructions below a try.

Thank you for being a part of the growing Downsize DC Army.

Jim Babka
President,, Inc. 

Personalized recruiting

Have you ever sold Girl Scout cookies, or candy bars for your child’s school, or solicited pledges for a 10K walk to raise money to cure some disease? If so . . .

You were not only tapping into your friend’s support for your cause, but also their support for you. This personal element can be crucial in overcoming the natural inertia that stops all of us from taking action on behalf of causes we support.

Personalized invitations to join can make the Downsize DC Army grow faster. Fowarding the Dispatch to friends is great, and it does grow the Army, but sending personalized invitations to join may be even more effective. It’s also easy . . .

  • Think of someone you know who favors smaller government, and who might like things like the “Read the Bills Act” — it can even be a person to whom you’ve been forwarding Dispatches — your personal invitation may be the only thing needed to get them to finally join, so . . .
  • Send them a personalized email asking them to join Downsize DC
  • We’ve provided sample text below that you can cut-and-paste and/or edit to fit your needs
  • Try to make it personal. For instance, begin the message Dear Sally (whatever the person’s name is)

Here’s sample text you could use (or edit) . . .

Dear NAME,

I’ve made a pledge to recruit one new person to join me in an organization called I’m hoping you’ll be that person. Membership is free. All you have to do is sign up for Downsize DC’s excellent email newsletter, the Downsizer-Dispatch.

Just click on this link and enter your email address.

If it turns out you don’t like the Downsizer-Dispatch you can un-subscribe at any time. It’s that simple.

To me, this is like asking you to sponsor me in a 10k walk to cure some dreaded disease, only in this case the disease is harming our entire country. We’re infected by know-it-all, busy-body, politicians who do too much, too fast, too poorly. I believe this infection is causing our government to grow cancerous. I think Downsize DC can help us to cure this disease. Specifically . . .

I’d like your help in compelling Congress to pass two pieces of legislation created by, the “Read the Bills Act” and the “One Subject at a Time Act.” These bills do exactly what their names suggest . . .

  • The “Read the Bills Act” would require Congress to read every word of every law they want to impose on us, BEFORE they vote to enact it. Congress is routinely ignorant of the laws they pass, but ignorance of the law is no excuse for you, and it shouldn’t be allowed for Congress either.
  • The “One Subject at a Time Act” would prohibit Congress from passing unpopular laws by combining them with popular but completely unrelated proposals. Every law would have to be voted on as a stand alone measure, and pass or fail on its own merits.

If you join, by starting a free subscription to the Downsizer-Dispatch, you’ll learn more about these bills as well as our strategy for passing them.

You’ll also gain access to a quick and easy Educate the Powerful System that will allow you to join me, and thousands of other DC Downsizers, in pressuring Congress. All it takes is a few keystrokes and mouse-clicks to use this powerful tool.

Plus, the Downsizer-Dispatch will keep you informed of Congressional activities, and give you unique ways to look at issues. I think the Downsizer-Dispatch is far superior to most of what I hear from the mainstream media.

You may not agree with all the stands Downsize DC takes, but unlike a political party or candidate, you can choose which Downsize DC campaigns you want to support.

I think the Downsize DC strategy is a crucial part of the cure for the cancerous government created by our irresponsible politicians. It would mean a lot to me if you would help me meet my pledge to recruit one new member. Give Downsize DC a try. Just click on this link and enter your email address.

If you decide to give Downsize DC a try I’d love to hear back from you, and know that I have a new ally in passing the “Read the Bills Act” and the “One Subject at a Time Act.” Thanks!


That’s it, now go forth and recruit. And thanks for being a part of the growing Downsize DC Army.

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