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February 21, 2006

More good news!

Today’s Downsizer-Dispatch . . .

Welcome to the nearly 1,000 people who are receiving their first Downsizer-Dispatch. We recently discovered a software glitch that was preventing people who recently registered from receiving these messages. It is now fixed. Welcome aboard! (Un-subscribe infortmation is at the end of this message.)

The good news just keeps rolling in . . .

Total RTBA messages to Congress topped 30,000 on Saturday. We need to keep up the relentless pressure. To send your RTBA message to Congress click here.

A First Amendment case the Downsize DC Foundation is supporting seems likely to be heard by the Supreme Court. This is the case where the Social Security Administration fined a non-profit organization for using the words “Social Security” on a direct mail envelope. Thank you to all the Foundation donors who contributed to make this possible.

Our RTBA Coalition is just about ready to launch. Stay tuned for the announcement. We’ll need your help to sign-up coalition members.

We seem to have won in our battle to get Senator Evan Bayh to accept messages through our lobbying system. Your phone calls made a difference. We’ve negotiated an arrangement that will allow Downsize DC messages to get through to Senator Bayh.

Several bills we support have been gaining sponsors in Congress. We’ll have a full report on this soon.

Our new media campaign continues to click along. I have another interview booked for this coming Saturday, and we’re increasing the number of media calls we’re making. But we’re going to run through our media list soon. So please help us expand it. Research your local talk shows and add them to our online media database. The instructions and database form can be found here.

There’s more good news. Too much to report here. If our blog isn’t part of your daily reading yet please go check it out and bookmark it. Recent articles include a new RTBA response from a Senator, new interviews and commentaries I’ve done, news about RTBA letters published in newspapers, an item about expanding use of the word “downsizing” by other organizations, and an article about a bill Congress recently passed that has a mistake in it! You can reach the blog here.

Eight Downsizers contributed $217 toward our month-end fundraising goal. Thank you to Raphael Wakefield, Gregory P. Pontious, James Marquart, and Gary Pietila for their support. Thanks also to Troy Frank and Steve Hanel for making monthly pledges. We still have $3,653 to raise by the end of the month. To make a contribution or start a monthly pledge click here

Thank you for being a DC Downsizer.

Jim Babka
President, Inc.

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