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October 3, 2005

More-with-less Innovation: Higher mpg and mpc

Put your car in a deep freeze and interesting things could happen.

The Department of Energy doesn’t actually produce any energy. But it does expend a lot of it, writing regulations about how other people should produce energy or conserve it. Does any of this regulatory effort create or conserve more energy than it expends? It’s hard to tell. Nothing government does ever has to meet a market test, to succeed or fail in the real world.

But we do know for sure whether voluntary efforts succeed or fail. We see it happening every day. And sometimes the positive impact of one lone guy working in his garage can be more obvious and dramatic than the work of thousands of bureaucrats and billions of taxpayer dollars.

David Hutchins of Oklahoma City is a cryogenics expert. He uses this expertise to deep-freeze car parts. This causes the molecular structure of the parts to reorganize, with rather fantastic results. His hybrid car should get 50 miles per gallon (mpg), but instead it gets 120 mpg. And most cars last for about 200,000 miles before they wear out (miles per car – mpc), but cars treated with Hutchins’ process should last for 600,000 to 1 millions miles.

Millions of Americans, who understand nothing about economics, are calling on government to freeze gas prizes. This would only shift the price we pay for gasoline from one figured in dollars, to one figured in time, as we search for gas and wait in long lines to fill-up, because of the shortages that would inevitably result. Save yourself some time and money. Have Dave Hutchins freeze your gas prices by freezing your car.

A news story about David Hutchins can be found here..

David Hutchins website can be found here.

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