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July 29, 2005

More-with-Less Innovation: Light your home without electricity

Deep in the bowels of the multi-billion dollar Energy Department federal bureaucrats are hard at work not coming up with this innovation.

But we needn’t worry too much about what Energy Department bureaucrats do or don’t do, because there are plenty of people with vision and drive who are doing great things.

A company called Sunlight Direct has developed a system for bringing the light of the sun directly into your home. The system uses a tracking mirror on your roof (powered by a simple solar cell), and fiber optics to transmit sunlight into your home – straight to the points where you need it. It will also filter out harmful UV radiation. This means that your daytime lighting bills, and the coal and gas needed to produce the electricity, could soon be a thing of the past.

Better yet, while your electrical needs will plummet, your personal energy could soar as you are exposed to full-spectrum light on a more regular basis.

But what about nighttime and cloudy day lighting? Work on improving the quality and efficiency of supplemental electrical lighting is also progressing rapidly, especially in the area of LED hybrid lights. You can learn a lot more more about this entire subject here. But before you click on the link, ask yourself this question: Can you think of a single energy-saving or energy-producing innovation that has come out of the Department of Energy?

Neither can we.

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