January 31, 2018

So much good news happening, we’ve crammed it here

Three bits of progress that should excite DC Downsizers Retweet

There’s so much happening, we have to stuff it all into one message. Here’s the list of activity… 

  1. TOMORROW, we’re going to introduce a new Downsize DC Agenda bill
  2. See our recently filed amicus brief fighting “compelled speech” (NIFLA v. Becerra)
  3. What our latest Flash Actions are doing for YOU

Tomorrow’s New Bill

In far-off Washington DC, politicians and bureaucrats extort your income then spend it on inefficient social welfare programs. Could you and other taxpayers do better than the politicians and bureaucrats at using those funds to address the same social problems? We think the answer is yes. That’s why our new bill…

Empowers you and disempowers the DC-gang. We’ll be working with another organization to advance it. And we’re adding it to the Downsize DC Agenda, right alongside…

It’s the first time we’ve added anything to our long-term, legislative Agenda since 2011. We think this bill is that important and exciting. Please be sure to open tomorrow’s message to learn about the bill and meet the group with which we’re working!

The NIFLA Brief

Thanks to your support, DownsizeDC.org, Inc and our sister organization, Downsize DC Foundation (home of the Zero Aggression Project), filed the NIFLA v. Becerra amicus brief. You can read it on our blog.

Despite the fact that we went to great lengths to explain that the issue was STRICTLY about compelled speech, we still heard from critics. Maybe you were one of them. Their chief concern seemed to be that…

  • Crisis Pregnancy Centers engage in a type of medical fraud
  • Fraud is a violation of our core value, the Zero Aggression Principle

If this concerned you, please see our response, offered in the form of a comment on our blog.

Many New Flash Actions

We’ve told you about the quick, time-sensitive Actions we’re posting on social media, especially Facebook. We added a dozen new Actions in the last two weeks.

We’re boosting these Flashes with modest advertising. They’re designed to DISCOVER like-minded people — more DC Downsizers.

The early returns are promising. We’ve added 423 new subscribers the last few months, and we’re doing it pretty consistently (in non-holiday weeks) for under 95c each — sometimes much less.

Now, we need to determine how to ramp-up this process to grow the Downsize DC Army into a force so large, Congress cannot afford to ignore it…

We hope you’re pleased by our progress. More good news is coming soon.

Thank you for being an ACTIVE DC Downsizer,

Jim Babka & Perry Willis
DownsizeDC.org, Inc

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