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December 8, 2005


I just read the following on Ed Brayton’s site. It froze my blood.

Radley Balko has a post about one of the most outrageous cases you’ll ever hear about. A man is on death row in Mississippi for shooting a cop. Ordinarily, most people would think that’s okay. But the facts are unreal. The cops were involved in a drug raid but the residence was a duplex. The cops announced their presence at the front door of one unit, but another group of cops busted down the door of the other unit without announcing that they were cops, thinking they were going in the back door of a single family residence. This was all in the middle of the night. The guy in the house wakes up when he hears his door being broken down, has no idea its the police intending to raid someone else, he grabs his gun and shoots the first guy through the door and kills him. And a jury convicted him and sentenced him to death. Unfreaking real.

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