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June 1, 2011

National Promotion for Downsizing DC

My name is Gary Nolan. I’m the Board Chair for I’m writing to you today to say . . .

“I’ve been in radio for 18 years, and I know talent. Jim Babka has it.” 

Most weeks, Downsize DC President Jim Babka appears on my radio program. It’s not his normal, run-of-the-mill, interview.

If you’re like me, you’ve heard him do those kinds of interviews. You know he represents very well.

But when he comes on my program, we talk about anything and everything. We entertain, and sometimes we educate. We laugh — a lot.

Jim’s been a regular guest on my show in two different markets. In both places he became quite popular. In fact, a new donor to recently wrote . . .

“I learned of Downsize DC from Gary Nolan’s radio show in Syracuse, NY. I enjoy the days when Jim Babka is Gary’s guest. Jim has the ability to clearly and concisely articulate my views on limiting government and protecting our liberty.” – P.K., 4/29/11

Many of you may recall that Jim hosted a small, syndicated radio show for nearly three years.

But now, Jim Babka has been offered an even better position behind the microphone!

I want him to take this job. 

As a board member of, Inc., I see this as an exciting venue in which to promote our cause. In fact, Jim would call this new show “The Downsize DC Review.”

I’m convinced this will benefit us. It will grow Downsize DC and create new opportunities.

But Jim is very busy with Downsize DC as it is. He also has three kids, two of whom are teenagers. Braces and college educations are on his budgetary plate. 

It only makes sense for this very well informed and entertaining (prospective) host to “go for it” IF he can match passion with obligation — that is, pay some bills while promoting a cause he loves, with a method he enjoys.

Yes, Jim likes radio. And it’s easy to say, “Jim’s got talent.” So let me be more precise.

“Jim is better at radio than most people in the business. It would be shame if he can’t exploit this talent, on OUR behalf.”

There are two (2) sponsorship slots available for this program. The cost for each is $500 per month. These sponsorships can potentially be used to . . .

 * promote your business, OR
 * in a “two-for-one fashion,” to promote a liberty cause you already endorse — your support would promote two organizations

The GOOD NEWS is, one of these sponsorships is already in place! Jim just needs one more sponsor.

To get the proposal, please email Jim at his old, “radio show” email address…
Call at DownsizeDC dot org (type that like it sounds)

For legal reasons, I must be clear. This is Jim’s opportunity. While Downsize DC will benefit, it won’t control the show or be responsible for the content. Jim will be solely responsible.

But I hope you have the same confidence I have, and that you’re in a position to help make this program a reality.

If so, please email Jim today.

Gary Nolan
Chairman, Inc.

P.S. If $500 per month is out of reach, but you’d like to take part in this effort, let Jim know, and he might be able to work something out for you as well.

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