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September 22, 2011

NEW HERESY CAMPAIGN: The FDA Should Be Advisory, NOT Mandatory

Quote of the Day: “The FDA helped kill my dad.” — Jim Babka, President, Downsize DC

We’ve launched a new campaign. This one aims to trim the power of the FDA (the Food and Drug Administration).

The hardwired portion of the letter to Congress for this new campaign reads…

Make the FDA advisory, not mandatory.

We’ve placed this campaign under the Our Heresies tab on our website, because we know it will take the public time to catch up to the truth.

We think the evidence is overwhelming that the FDA is worse than bad. The FDA is evil. It kills people…

  • It denies people access to life-saving treatments
  • It treats unique human beings as if they were genetically identical clones with exactly the same needs and risks
  • It hobbles research
  • It creates barriers to entry for new companies
  • It makes medicines and supplements more expensive than they need to be
  • It serves the interests of Big Pharma at the expense of the consumer
  • It violates the First Amendment, by restricting commercial speech
  • It opposes prevention, preferring that people get sick first, before they can receive treatment
  • It stands as a major obstacle to anti-aging research that could cure most of the ailments that still ravage mankind

So “evil” is perhaps too weak a word, but we have no stronger term to use. The evidence to demonstrate our heretical claims about the FDA will come to you in an avalanche over the months ahead.

We begin with a statement of principle, which I sent to my elected representatives this morning. If you agree with our position then please feel free to copy or borrow from the following sample letter . . .

I want to control what medicines I use. I DON’T want the FDA to do this for me. The FDA should make advisory recommendations only. It should NOT have the power to mandate which drugs I can buy, and which I cannot.

* If pharmaceutical companies value the FDA seal of approval, then they can pay the FDA to evaluate their drugs.

* If consumers value FDA approval, then they can decide to only buy FDA-approved medications.

If the FDA’s seal of approval is really so valuable, then it does NOT need to be mandatory. No coercion is necessary. Instead, the FDA should be able to sell its services through voluntary means, just like Underwriter’s Laboratory does.

Consumers and doctors should be free to consult available science, and make their own decisions about which treatments to try.

All human beings are unique. Treatments that might be dangerous for one person, could be the only possible solution for another. There is zero chance that one-size-fits-all dictates can possibly account for the vastness of human variability. Patients and doctors must have the flexibility to deal with individual human uniqueness.

The FDA should serve, not rule. And Congress should do the same. Stop trying to rule me. Instead, serve me. You can do this now by introducing legislation to make the FDA advisory, NOT mandatory.


Assuming that you agree with us, you can send your own letter to Congress on this issue using’s Educate the Powerful System.

However, if you have a high degree of confidence in the kind of coercive regulation the FDA provides, we encourage you to read “How To Think About Regulation” at the Downsize DC Foundation website.

Finally, YOU have an offer from Bill Haynes of CMI Gold & Silver…

Bill will double the size of your one-time contribution or new monthly pledge to

We FREQUENTLY (and gratefully) hear from people who write, “I wish I could do more.” Well, here’s your opportunity! You’re $5 donation can be $10. Your $25 donation can be $50. Your $100 donation could be $200. And so on… 

Please, act NOW! We have a September 30 deadline.

Thanks for being a DC Downsizer,

Perry Willis
Vice President, Inc.

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