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July 24, 2006

No warrant? No search.

Today’s Downsizer-Dispatch . . .

Give government an extraordinary power for the purpose of doing good, and someone will eventually use it to do something extraordinarily bad. But it’s worse than that . . .

The good thing you wanted done may never happen at all.

Does government make competent use of the powers it already has? We think not. Would government do a better job if it did less, and focused more? We think so.

Incompetent use of extraordinary government power creates emergencies. Emergencies justify new and bigger powers. The new and bigger powers create still more and bigger emergencies. And so it goes, step-by-step, until government is omnipotent and omni-INCOMPETENT and the people are crushed.

Those who trade liberty for security make a bad bargain. So it has been in the past. So it is now. So it will be in the future. It’s time to say no to this bad bargain.

Senator Specter and Vice President Cheney are negotiating a back-room deal that would give the President the power to spy on Americans without a warrant. When the closed doors open and the bill comes forth, it will be rushed to a vote. The time to oppose warrant-less searches is RIGHT NOW. Send your message opposing this extraordinary new power by clicking here.

Thank you for being a DC Downsizer.

Perry Willis
Communications Director, Inc.

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