December 19, 2018

Did Downsize DC repeal Obamacare?

Downsize DC made the winning argument! Again! The repeal Obamacare case Retweet

You funded it, we did it, and the results are in — Downsize DC wins again! We and our partners filed the only amicus curiae brief making the argument that just overturned Obamacare. Here’s the story…

Obamacare mandated that people must buy health insurance or be fined. Congress argued that they had the power to do this under the commerce clause.

The Supreme Court rejected this argument. Instead, they said that the fine was really a tax, so the mandate was constitutional based on the congressional power to tax. Then, last year, Congress set the tax to zero. We and our legal partners argued that zero tax is the same as no tax, therefore the taxing power could no longer be used to justify Obamacare.

Judge Reed O’Connor just ruled in favor of that argument in Texas v U.S.!

Please understand, our amicus curiae brief (the brief that many people reading this helped to fund) was the only one filed in support of the winning argument. What comes next?

The ruling will be appealed. We need to start preparing for our response to that appeal right now. Please fund Downsize DC’s work with…

A Generous Year-End Contribution

We keep delivering the most principled arguments. We keep winning! Does that mean we’re more effective with your donation support than other movement organizations are? We hope we’ve convinced you and that you’ll give us a Christmas bonus!

Our sister organization, Downsize DC Foundation also accepts Bitcoin at the Zero Aggression Project: 123YMLV4sBDZJxMdiNhSFPxSaPwxPKuEy1

Thank you for being an ACTIVE DC Downsizer,

Jim Babka & Perry Willis
Downsize DC

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