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October 30, 2009

October Progress Report

Media Announcement: Today (Friday), Jim Babka is scheduled to appear on Straight Talk w/ Jerry Hughes, 3:05 PM Eastern time (2:05 PM Central, 1:05 PM Mountain, 12:05 PM Pacific). Details are available at this blog post.

Subject: What you accomplished in October

With two days still to go, DC Downsizers have . . .

  • Sent 59,927 letters to Congress, 21,716 more than last month (and we’re almost certain to go over 60,000 before October ends) — OUR THIRD BEST MONTH EVER.
  • Recruited 381 net new members to the Downsize DC Army, bringing the size of the Army to 28,654
  • Registered 587 new people to use our Educate the Powerful System, 196 more than in September 

Getting where we want to go really is a simple process. We just have to constantly . . .

  • Reach out to new people
  • Recruit some of them
  • Use our ever-growing army to increase the pressure on Congress
  • Repeat

If we do this over and over again, we’ll get where we’re going. Your financial support helps us to constantly increase the outreach portion of this process. Yesterday we received . . .

  • 6 new monthly pledges
  • 9 one-time contributions

If we can do that again today at our end-of-the-month deadline, we’ll be in good shape to achieve more in November than we did in October. If you want that to happen . . .

Your support is our progress.

Jim Babka, President, Inc.

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