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September 11, 2014

Oppose the War: Send Congress a History Lesson

Please consider taking TWO (2) actions with the following SHORT history lesson to Congress. If you like what I’ve written, please…



Here’s the history lesson I wrote for Congress…


President Obama wants war with ISIS. I oppose this. It will create new enemies and increase terrorism. I believe this because history tells me so. Consider the chain of cause and effect….


ISIS exists because we went to war with Saddam Hussein in 2003. Before that…


We went to war with Hussein, because he…


* Supposedly had weapons of mass destruction

* Attacked his neighbors

* Used chemical weapons against his citizens


But we were actually complicit in ALL of these things because…


* The U.S. Government gave Hussein the chemicals weapons (

* The U.S. Government urged Hussein to fight Iran

* Our Ambassador gave Hussein a “green light” to invade Kuwait in 1991


In other words…


Hussein warred against his neighbors with our approval, and murdered his own people using weapons we gave him. But the chain of connections goes deeper into history…


We supported Iraq against Iran because Iran had seized our embassy in 1980. But the CIA had used that same Embassy in 1953 to overthrow a democratic government in favor of the dictatorial Shah.


Can you begin to see how every intervention leads to future enemies?


It will be the same with ISIS.


But let’s continue digging through the history…


We overthrew Iran’s government, because we didn’t want the Soviet Union to take over. But the Soviet Union was yet another enemy we had created during an earlier foreign intervention. Here’s how that happened…


In 1917, the Russian people deposed the Czar and created a democracy. We then bribed this new democracy to continue fighting in World War I, even though the Russian people wanted peace. This action, by us, created the conditions that led to the Bolshevik revolution and the birth of the Soviet Union just a few month’s later.


But the chain of mistakes doesn’t end there. It just keeps going…


The reason we bribed Russia to continue fighting in World War 1, was because we wanted to defeat an earlier enemy, the Kaiser. But defeating the Kaiser paved the way for Hitler. Sum it up….


* We got Hitler and Stalin, because we intervened in World War 1

* We got Mao and North Korea and Vietnam, because we invited Stalin to fight the Japanese in World War 2

* We got radically-Islamic Iran, because we deposed a democratic government over fear of the Soviet Union

* We got the Saddam Hussein boogeyman, because we encouraged him to fight Iran

* And now we have ISIS, because we got rid of Saddam Hussein


When will it end? It will only end, when you make it end. Stop the war against ISIS.


Stop all interventions, because clearly our government is no good at them. Instead, bring home the troops. Do it now!




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