September 5, 2017

Our greatest hits have returned

When we launched the new Downsize DC website more than 2,000 blog posts became unavailable. Boy, we heard about it!

A bunch of you even told us what you thought were our “Greatest Hits.” In that feedback, one article series came up repeatedly, Perry Willis’s History of U.S. Military Interventions.

We have good news!

  • All of our old blog posts have been moved to our new site.
  • This includes Perry’s 7 military history articles which are now also conveniently indexed in a single post. You might want to bookmark it.

Be forewarned. Many of our old posts will contain broken links. You may also see some strange formatting. But the military history articles are all fixed, and we’re slowly working to fix our other most popular past articles. If there’s an old article you value that still has issues, please let us know about it. We’ll try to fix it. Just hit Reply to this message.

Here are a few other “hits”…

20 powerful ways to replace Obamacare

Support Rand Paul’s Obamacare replacement bill (S. 222)

Writing to Congress Doesn’t Work

The Brookpark Marines, the truth about war, and a message of life

You asked. We heard you. We delivered. That’s Plans & Progress. And that’s how we’re going to grow.

So what’s coming next?

FIRST, we’ll reintroduce several vintage Congressional letter-writing campaigns.

SECOND, we’re introducing new campaigns. The first one takes a new approach to foreign intervention.

THIRD, we’re bringing back the Downsizer-Dispatch. This isn’t merely a newsletter name. It’s an attitude, with tactics tied directly to our renewed Plans & Progress approach. The Dispatch is a declaration that, after each battle, we’ll emerge bigger and stronger than we were before we entered it. We’re going to grow so big that Congress can’t afford to ignore us.

And that growth needs to begin now…

One of the two major donors who helped us fund our new website and conversion to CQRC’s congressional contact software, also provided $3,000 per month to cover our operational needs through August. Now, he wants to see if we’re able to raise that amount in monthly pledges before this year ends.

Listen, he knows we’re not going to do this in a single month. But how much he helps us, going forward — IF AT ALL — depends on our ability to grow.

Therefore, if you value our work, please join us as a monthly pledger. We need about 200 new monthly pledgers to cover that $3,000.

But we still need to cover that amount even if we can’t do it with new monthly pledgers. One-time contributions of all sizes will help. But if you have the resources to provide $3,000 this month or next, that would really make us look good with our biggest donor. It might even inspire him to help with other growth-oriented projects.

Jim Babka, President, Inc.

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