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January 5, 2006

Our legal research and “Free Talk Live”

Today’s Downsizer-Dispatch…

In this message

  • A summary of our work on enhancing the “Read the Bills Act.”
  • Please vote for “Free Talk Live” in the latest podcast competition.

On December 14 we requested your help to enhance the Read the Bills Act (RTBA). You responded. Thank you.

We were uneasy that Congress would make their bills easier to read by delegating all of the “rule making” details to the bureaucracy. We wanted to see if we could, or should, close this potential RTBA loophole.

This blog post explains what we learned and what we’ve decided. Please read it.

Here’s the nutshell… we’re going to produce a separate bill; the “No Regulation Without Representation Act.”

Again, go to the blog for the details, and then please leave a comment telling us what you think.

We think the “delegation problem” is very important and must be addressed. We looked around and I can say with confidence that we’ve got the best solution to this problem. And we want every DC Downsizer to understand it. If you do, you’ll know something very few Americans know.

We also think the decision to create a second bill is very important. This won’t be the last time we do this. And we want you to know why. Frankly, we also want to get people in the habit of reading our blog, because we can say a lot more there than we can in the Downsizer-Dispatch.

More on RTBA and the new “No REGULATION Without Representation Act” coming soon. Stay tuned. And don’t forget to vote for “Free Talk Live” (see below), so more people will hear the Downsize DC radio spots they run.

Jim Babka
President, Inc.


DC Downsizers,

As you probably know, we promote Downsize DC every night on our internationally syndicated radio show! I need your help again. I need you consider taking a moment and visiting and voting for Free Talk Live. If you’ve never done it before, it’s the easiest way to spread the message of Liberty.

If you voted last month, you may now vote again! You must have a legitimate email address to vote. It is fast and easy! Here’s what to do

  • Goto
  • Enter your email. Click “Vote Now!” (Leave a comment if you wish.)
  • You’ll be sent a confirmation email.
  • Open it, and click the link inside.
  • Thanks for your help! (Forward the link to your friends, and tell them about the show!)

Here’s an option for people who don’t mind an extra step or have trouble getting the confirmation emails. You can register for a free username with, then all you have to do is vote when you’re logged in, and there will be no more confirmation emails needed!

Thank you for your help, and don’t hesistate to contact me with questions,

Ian Bernard
Host, Webmaster –

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