November 5, 2017

Have politicians ever used the military correctly?

November 5th’s…

The facts may change the way you view U.S. history

We want to change how Americans think about U.S. foreign policy, by persuading them that U.S. politicians have pretty much always misused the military. To achieve this goal… 

We must replace false history with true history. 

One way Downsize DC attempts to achieve this is by publishing a series of articles written by our very own Perry Willis. We do this twice a year — before Memorial Day and previous to Veterans Day. And we conclude the series before each of these holidays, out of respect for the those who’ve died. 

Each time we’ve run this series, Perry has updated and improved the articles, which are amongst most popular materials we’ve ever published. And… 

As Veterans Day approaches, we’ve published the following installments…

Today’s installment isHow U.S. politicians helped create the Soviet Union.” 

If you haven’t read these articles before, then you’re in for an intellectual feast. Many of our subscribers re-read them each time we publish them and share them with friends. We’re sending people to the Downsize DC blog to read the rest of the series so that…

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Jim Babka, President, Inc.  

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