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January 5, 2017

Preview our 20 proposals to REPLACE Obamacare

We think the politicians screwed up healthcare. We have 20 specific ways they can unscrew it. Retweet

Next week, we’ll start working to repeal Obamacare and replace it with something good. Here, as promised, is a preview of our proposals.

  • Proposal #1: Restore natural prices and make them visible to patients. This will enable consumer control, foster competition, increase supply, and reduce costs.
  • Proposal #2: Repeal Obamacare in its entirety before considering legislation to replace it.
  • Proposal #3: Politicians should make all sickness and wellness expenditures tax deductible, including insurance premiums and preventive measures, such as supplements and fitness clubs.
  • Proposal #4: Revive true health insurance (and make it affordable too) by removing all the expensive mandates imposed by Obamacare and the states.
  • Proposal #5: Outlaw monopolistic “certificates of need.”
  • Proposal #6: End punitive damages that enrich lawyers with no compensating health benefit.
  • Proposal #7: Make the FDA advisory, not dictatorial.
  • Proposal #8: Restrict the FDA to certifying safety only.
  • Proposal #9: End the FDA’s power to regulate generic drug factories.
  • Proposal #10: Limit pharmaceutical patent protection to the recovery of research costs.
  • Proposal #11: Remove redundant licensing requirements.
  • Proposal #12: Incentivize the frugal use of medical services by creating the equivalent of Medicaid and Medicare HSAs.
  • Proposal #13: Increase co-pays for Medicare and Medicaid patients.
  • Proposal #14: Reduce doctor visits by ending the need for prescriptions.
  • Proposal #15: The State should stop defining dietary guidelines.
  • Proposal #16: Create an exchange for pro-bono services and voluntary funding.
  • Proposal #17: Provide a 100% tax credit to anyone who pays for an indigent person’s healthcare expenses.
  • Proposal #18: Make Medicare a safety net rather than a dragnet.
  • Proposal #19: Make indigent access to the tax-funded safety net contingent on a history of personal responsibility.
  • Proposal #20: Create a schedule to devolve Medicare and Medicaid to the states or localities.

We’ll show you more details starting next week. If you have any feedback about this list of reforms, send it to Feedback at or join the conversation on our Facebook page.

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Jim Babka & Perry Willis

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