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July 16, 2010

Progress Reports: Good results on a number of fronts

Your government-issued Internet password

My statement on the DHS website criticizing the “National Strategy for Trusted Identifies in Cyberspace” quickly became the number one “Idea” on the site. By last evening, we had three times as many NET votes as the next highest ranking Idea, and more comments than any other Idea on the site as well. Thank you for making this happen.

The other groups in our new coalition were very impressed by your accomplishment. One wrote to me, “Your NSTIC entry has absolutely smoked every other entry in the history of the Ideascale.”

We were the only group to also bombarded Congress about this issue yesterday. If our efforts result in so much as one Representative or Senator contacting DHS with our request, that will be a huge victory as well.


Our new list of candidates who support all, or part, of the Downsize DC Agenda already has 5 candidates on it. More are coming. Get your local candidate to pledge to sponsor.


Starting last fall, we began focusing a few hours of staff time each week on Facebook and Twitter. We provided special content through those mediums, and communicated with folks who followed Downsize DC in these ways.

Honestly, Twitter didn’t click for us. But Facebook did. And last month, we added a special Facebook social icon to our home page, so you can see which one of your friends are also Fans.

As a result of these efforts, our number of Facebook fans now stands at more than 7,800. 

One Sack

We’ve got our programmer working overtime to bring an end to our long-standing project to unite all of our databases into one. Remember, this bit of essential infrastructure will enable us to create new tools for you — tools that will grow the Downsize DC Army and make you more powerful and influential.

Thank you to everyone who contributed to last Friday’s progress report/strategy message, “We burn our ships and march inland,” which explained the One Sack project.

Your response gave us increased confidence that we won’t get stranded, even though we have an extra payroll this month and we’re having to spend beyond our normal budget to FINISH this crucial project. 

Here’s the good news so far: We’ve raised $13,727 of the $23,800 we need to make it through the month and finish the One Sack project.

Here’s the not-so-good news. One of our computers had to be replaced this week, which raises the amount we need to spend this month by another $900. Please invest in our progress.

Jim Babka
President, Inc.

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