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December 21, 2011

Radio Episode – Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Primary Topic: Ways the People Can Help Ron Paul Win

NOTE: The views expressed on this show are NOT those of the Downsize DC Foundation or, Inc. Downsize DC is legally non-partisan, and tempermentally anti-partisan. The statements made on the show, by the host, are entirely his own.


  • Rick Duffin, Ohio activist, making “calls for Paul.” Rick explains how easy and effective this tactic is.
  • Curt Schultz, whose SuperBrochure has been circulated to more than a half-million people, and activists are raving about it. Curt’s company is
  • Jason Rink, author, “Ron Paul: Father of the Tea Party. It’s a look at the man, full of interesting details. 

Other topics discussed:

  • Why Ron Paul winning Iowa caucus cannot “discredit” the state.
  • How the actions of the politician matter more than words in an old, ghostwritten newsletter. 

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