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October 16, 2006

Repeal Torture

The President signs the kangaroo court, pro-torture, gut the Bill-of-Rights, Torture/Tribunal bill tomorrow (Tuesday, October 17). It’s election season, and he wants the world to know, so he’s going to make a show of it.

That’s why we begin the campaign to repeal it today. We call our initiative, “Truth must count. Innocence must matter.”

Repeal is difficult, some would say impossible. Congress certainly expects us to forget.   

We don’t forget. We can’t quit. We won’t get distracted. We never surrender. This is part of the DC Downsizer ethos.

Why should you fight to repeal this law?

Because it is evil. That’s pure and simple.

It doesn’t work and will also make us less secure. We’ve demonstrated how it jeopardizes our safety on the “Background” page of this new “grudge campaign.”

Plus, we’ve made it simple to stand up and make a difference. Click here. 

Congress lied to you. They told you this bill’s bad provisions would be removed. They weren’t. Instead, Congress made the bill WORSE! They also told you this law would NOT apply to American citizens, but they lied about that as well. Here’s what this bill really does. Let’s be blunt: It permits the federal government to . . .

* “Disappear” anyone (including Americans citizens),
* Detain them indefinitely without recourse to legal defense,
* Torture them,
* Try them without due process,
* Punish them, without appeal.

This law will ensnare the innocent. It will be abused, if not by this administration, than by future administrations. It will create new enemies around the world and endanger our troops. It is one of the most evil and self-destructive laws ever passed in the history of America, but now that it’s done everyone will just forget about it . . . except us.

And hopefully you.

Conservative Constitutional scholar Richard Epstein stated the problem succinctly in testimony before the Senate. He said, “Truth must count. Innocence must matter.”

We agree. That slogan has a uniquely American ring to it.

Either truth must count and innocence must matter, or we have become what we supposedly oppose and the terrorists have won.

So that’s the title for our campaign to repeal this abomination: “Truth must count. Innocence must matter.” You can take your stand against this atrocious bill by clicking HERE.

Please, help us prevail in this struggle. In addition to sending a strong message to Congress, please show your support by making a monthly credit card pledge of $3, $5, $8, $10, $15, $25, or more, or by making a generous one-time contribution. You can do so here.

Pass this message to friends and family. Encourage them to do as you have done. Because . . .

Truth must count. Innocence must matter.

Jim Babka
President, Inc.

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