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March 25, 2007

Rob Kampia of MPP on today’s show

Rob Kampia, co-founder and Executive Director of the Marijuana Policy Project (MPP), will be my guest for the entire hour for the Downsize DC Conference Call (radio show).

MPP has focused primarily on Medical Marijuana.

Right now, MPP is planning four state ballot initiatives/referendums, plus has a lobbyist based in each of four different states. Learn what states and what the likelihood of success is in each of those states. We’ll also discuss, as time permits, the Angel Raich case, and potential for successes at the federal level.

Of course, we want your questions.
1-800-259-9231 or
call at downsizedc dot org

This is the final episode that MPP will be sponsoring, and so, this is something of a send-off. I’m grateful for the support MPP has given this program. Now, I’m looking for a new sponsor to keep this show going.

If you’re interested in learning about sponsorship, please contact me at the show email address, again – call at downsizedc dot org

We’ll also do a Gun Owners of America update as well.

The show broadcasts on: KLID 1340-AM, Poplar Bluff, Missouri; WBCR 1470-AM Maryville, Tennessee; and WKLP 1390-AM Keyser, West Virginia. Sometimes, it’s on Radio Free Austin.

But for most of you the best way to tune in is via the web at the Genesis Communications Network website.

Jim Babka
Downsize DC Conference Call

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