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December 27, 2007

Second Ron Paul American Freedom Agenda Act radio ad

Please pass this message on to fans of Ron Paul’s American Freedom Agenda Act (HR 3835).

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Subject: Second radio ad

Here’s another radio ad (draft script) we want to start broadcasting in Michigan . . .

Leaving the Road of Fear (120 seconds) (5 parts, plus Jim Babka)

JB: The following is a paid legislative alert from Downsize DC dot org . . .

N: 9/11. It was horrific. It was natural for us to respond — emotionally, viscerally… even hysterically.

And our Founding Fathers recognized that fear in the face of insecurity might cause us to drift from our principles. But they gave us a beacon back to the right path. It’s called the Constitution.

Thomas Jefferson wrote,

TJ: Should we wander [from essential principles] in moments of error or alarm, let us hasten to retrace our steps and regain the road which alone leads to peace, liberty, and safety.

N: In that Jeffersonian spirit Ron Paul has introduced the American Freedom Agenda Act.

This _sweeping_ American Freedom bill returns us to the Constitutional path and prohibits un-American things like… 

#1: Torture.
#2: Rendition.
#3: Detention without due process.
#1: Warrantless wiretapping.
#2: Punishing Whistleblowers.
#3: Presidential Signing Statements.

N: As American as this bill is, Ron Paul has only two co-sponsors in Congress. At Downsize DC dot org, we want to improve on that.

We believe Ben Franklin was right when he said,

BF: “Those who would give up Essential Liberty to purchase a little Temporary Safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety”

#1: Help us get more co-sponsors for Ron Paul’s American Freedom Agenda Act. You can do so at Downsize DC dot org. Ron Paul needs your help to pass this important legislation. 

N: The American Freedom Agenda Act is very short. You can Read the Bill for yourself at Downsize DC dot org. 

JB: This is Jim Babka of Downsize DC dot org. Not one elected official in the Michigan delegation to Congress has co-sponsored the American Freedom Agenda Act. They need to hear from you. A great thinker once said, No snowflake in an avalanche believes itself responsible. We need an avalanche of support. Be a snowflake. Help build the avalanche.

Please visit Downsize DC dot org and click on the link to American Freedom Agenda Act. Use our simple system to urge your elected leaders to co-sponsor Ron Paul’s bill. Join the avalanche.

JB: is responsible for the content of this advertising and no candidate or candidate’s committee authorized this message. For more information about Ron Paul’s American Freedom Agenda Act visit dubya-dubya-dubya Downsize DC dot org.


Do you want the people in the Greater Detroit area (and elsewhere) to hear this ad about the Constitution and Ron Paul’s American Freedom Agenda Act? If so, please contribute generously now.

Give and we’ll send you a copy of “The Downsize DC Vision.”

In addition, those who contribute $76 or more, specifically to air these ads, will have their name listed in the left hand, green strip on the Radio Ad page for the “Support Ron Paul’s American Freedom Agenda Act.” Donors will be listed in rank order, with the largest donor getting the first line — the slot we call the “John Hancock line.” 
Even if you’re mailing a check, please use the contribution form. Checks that arrive without this form will be deposited in our general fund. NO EXCEPTIONS. So if you’re giving by check, please print out the form, fill it in completely, and enclose it with a check made out to, Inc. The mailing address is listed on the bottom of the printed form.

And whether you can send money or not, you can send a message to your representatives in Congress, urging them to co-sponsor HR 3835, the American Freedom Agenda Act.

Thank you for being a part of the growing Downsize DC Army.

Jim Babka
President, Inc.

P.S. We explained our ad strategy in yesterday’s message. does not endorse or support candidates for public office.

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