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July 1, 2015

Should a billionaire tell you what to do?

Casino billionaire Sheldon Adelson is lobbying Congress to ban online gambling. His lobbyists are pressing for a vote before the congressional, summer recess.

Adelson is looking to cluster this law into an unrelated bill and sneak it through. The One Subject at a Time Act would stop that kind of activity. Tell Congress to pass the One Subject at a Time Act through's campaign.  

You may borrow from or copy this letter…

Sheldon Adelson's gambling ban (Restoration of America's Wire Act, or RAWA) is unpopular and terrible. It combines the worst features of the Corporate State and the Nanny State. It destroys market competition AND it restricts our liberty.


It almost became law last year! There were talks of inserting it into the “must-pass” Omnibus spending bill — even though it's NOT a spending bill.

Now, it may be even harder for Congressional leaders to say No to Adelson because…

* Republicans have majorities in both Houses

* Adelson is the biggest Republican donor

To prevent an online gambling ban from being inserted into another bill, you must SPEAK OUT (instead of sell-out).

Announce that you OPPOSE an online gambling ban, and ANY bill that includes RAWA.


DEMAND that ALL bills be about one subject only. INTRODUCE the One Subject at a Time Act!


Send your letter using Downsize DC's Educate the Powerful System.

But please don't stop there. After you've sent your letter, you'll get an email with a copy of what you wrote. Forward your letter to the one or two friends (not 10, not more) who will be most interested in this message. Ask them to do as you did and send a letter too.

And please stay tuned, because we will have more on the proposed online gambling ban.

James Wilson

Policy Research Director, Inc.

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