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July 15, 2016

Should TSA suffer the death penalty for its crimes?

Please instruct Congress to “Abolish the TSA.” Retweet

Please send Congress a letter using our campaign to Abolish the TSA. The hardwired letter for that campaign reads…

Abolish the TSA, and permit airlines to provide their own security plans.

[Hannah after TSA attack.]

You can copy or edit the following for your personal instructions to Congress…

Terminating the TSA is increasingly necessary because of events like this…

The Memphis TSA assaulted a young woman named Hannah. She was flying home to celebrate the end of her brain tumor treatment. Hannah is partially deaf and blind in one eye. She didn’t understand the commands that were barked at her, so the TSA agents pushed her to the floor, banging her head, leaving her bloody and crying.

Her mom could’ve helped, but was held back, helplessly watching this assault on her daughter. Imagine how you would feel if you had to watch this happening to your child, especially one in such a fragile condition.

Then the TSA arrested their victim and jailed her. Here’s the source for these claims —

How many other TSA assaults, gropings and “smaller” indignities never make the news, because they’ve become routine in the police state known as the American airport?

All of this is made worse by the fact that the TSA is completely unnecessary. Airlines want to secure their passengers. We don’t need the federal government to do this. And it’s very hard to imagine any airline assaulting their customers in the name of providing security.

In addition, different airlines would provide different security measures, creating competition and innovation. This would also make it harder for terrorists — a group the TSA has yet to stop, even once.

The TSA was a bad idea from the beginning. Abolish it now.


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