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February 26, 2015

Should unelected bureaucrats control your Internet?

The FCC meets TODAY to vote on 332 pages of so-called Net Neutrality regulations that were kept secret until just today.  


If you oppose unelected bureaucrats controlling your Internet and your life, let the FCC know TODAY!


I'll have three action steps for you, below. But first


I want you to know your efforts are making a difference…


  • Major Internet corporations and left-statist foundations have funded lobbyists and activists to get the White House and regulators to go around Congress. The House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform is concerned by both this backroom lobbying of unelected bureaucrats, and by the stealth with which the FCC is moving on this issue. They've requested a raft of FCC documents so they can investigate these matters.

  • Even better, two FCC Commissioners have now publicly requested immediate release of the 332-page report AND a delay on any actions, until policy experts and the public can read it — until you and I can read it!


Let's keep up and expand the pressure!


1. Tweet the FCC (@FCC) and Chairman Tom Wheeler (@TomWheelerFCC). Here are sample statements you can make…


  • Why fix what isn't broken? Leave the Internet alone!

  • Net Neutrality = government regulation = the gateway to censorship.


Downsize DC already sent these tweets. So I just re-tweeted them personally. You can do the same. Here are the respective links…



2. Contact the FCC directly:


You will need to fill out their form, in order to file your Comments.


Step One: Go here…

Step Two: Fill in the name and contact info boxes marked with an * (asterisk)


Step Three: Here’s a sample letter you may borrow from or copy…


I'm curious why Chairman Tom Wheeler suddenly endorsed Net Neutrality, which he previously opposed. Is he doing President Obama's bidding? Is Obama doing the bidding of wealthy campaign donors?


But what’s worse…


The FCC makes laws without the Congressional process! Just like other agencies that impose laws without our consent, this mocks our representative government.


Even worse…


“Net Neutrality” is a terrible idea!


Think about it: A multi-tiered Internet might actually IMPROVE it and drive progress.




* In 1900, only the rich could buy automobiles.

* 70 years ago, only the rich could buy televisions.

* Just 20 years ago, only the rich had cell phones.


Why then, should people, even “the rich,” be blocked from premium, innovative Internet services that the rest of us can benefit from a few years later?


The FCC wants to hold the Internet back, and ALL of us back.


And I do NOT consent!


3. When I was done sending this message to the FCC, I copied and pasted this message to my Representative and Senators through's Educate the Powerful System so that THEY know I DO NOT CONSENT to the power-grab.


I just added this line at the beginning: “This is what I told the FCC, through their public comment system, and I want to let you know…”


You can do the same things I did.


Because the release of the 332-page secret book is today and the vote could happen, please take all three actions today.


Thank you for being a DC Downsizer,


Jim Babka

President, Inc.


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