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August 24, 2008

Some of My Favorite Causes

Today (Sunday) I’ll do the FINAL LIVE EPISODE of my two-hour radio show, The Downsize DC Conference Call.

And Congressman Ron Paul is my guest for the first three segments!

Later in the show, I’ll also be joined by…

* Michael Cloud of Ballot Question 1, the Small Government Act, to end the state income tax in Massachusetts.

* Rob Kampia of the Marijuana Policy Project

* Congressional candidates who’ve raised more than $150,000 and endorsed the entire Downsize DC Agenda . . .

 – BJ Lawson of North Carolina’s 4th District
 – David Krikorian of Ohio’s 2nd District

These are some of my favorite causes. And that’s a great show!

Gun Owners of America is also a favorite cause. GOA has been a sponsor of this show since the beginning. Please tune in to hear me give my final Gun Owners Update.

As time permits, I’ll tell you about four other groups I support as well (the most important of which, obviously, is Downsize DC).

And I’ll close by telling you about what I’m doing next (obviously, that prominently includes Downsize DC).

But first, Dr. Ron Paul! The show starts at 3:06 PM (2:06 PM Central, 1:06 PM Mountain, and 12:06 PM Pacific). Here’s how you can question him…

* Toll free: 1-800-259-9231
* Email: CALL at DOWNSIZEDC dot ORG (Just type that like it sounds — this is the only address that will work to reach the show)

Because I anticipate we’re going to have lots of demand to talk to Congressman Paul, I’m going to insist that all callers get to the point. Please don’t ask either of us “How ya doin,” or say, “Good to talk to ya.” We’ll just assume those things. Just get started and please be succinct. If you can’t be brief, I’ll cut you off so that others can get in too. Thanks for understanding. 🙂

You can hear the show online at

In fact, Genesis Communications now has streaming options through cell phones!

Or you can tune in to one of these stations . . .

* WCER 900-AM Canton, Ohio
* WBCR 1470-AM Maryville/Alcoa, Tennessee
* KLID 1340-AM, Poplar Bluff, Missouri
* KGEZ 600-AM, Kalispell, Montana

And if for some reason you can’t catch the live show, my network, Genesis Communications provides a podcast of the show, available a couple of hours after it goes off air, up through the next broadcast.

In fact, if you want to listen to last weeks show, it’s still up there — at least until I go live with today’s show.

Special Note: As always, regarding live media events, schedule changes or cancellations can happen without warning.

Happy Listening,

Jim Babka
Downsize DC Conference Call

P.S. I will be appearing at first annual, “Connecticut Liberty Forum,” to be held September 27-28, 2008.

I will be speaking there on Saturday, the 27th about “Making Congress Accountable.” Also appearing at this Bristol, CT event, with radio sponsorship by WDRC radio, will be . . .

* Michael Cristofaro, Plaintiff in the New London, CT eminent domain case, will talk about that case, after he and Susette Kelo are presented with the very first CT Freedom Fighter Award.

* Robert Levy, Senior fellow in Constitutional Studies, CATO Institute. His topic: “Is the Supreme Court Eroding Our Liberty?”  Mr. Levy will stick around to sign copies of his new book, “The Dirty Dozen – How Twelve Supreme Court Cases Radically Expanded Government and Eroded Freedom”

* Also speaking… Alan Schaeffer, Alliance for the Separation of School & State; Jim Gilchrist, the Minutemen; Bob Schulz, We the People Foundation; Dr. Katherine Albrecht, co-author of “Spychips,” and several more.

I want to encourage you to come to this event — to meet me and hear the other speakers. Please use the code “Downsize DC” to get a discount when you register in advance. Complete details can be found at

And if you’re coming to Bristol, CT, please let me know by hitting Reply to this message. My wife Sue and I like to make time to meet with DC Downsizers when we’re traveling. We will be in touch.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The Downsize DC Conference Call is Jim Babka’s show, and is just an advertising sponsor. The views expressed on the program and the topics chosen by the host, do not necessarily represent the opinions, beliefs, or objectives of the board, staff, and supporters of This Downsizer-Dispatch is presented as part of a promotional relationship between and Jim Babka. 

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