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August 29, 2013

Status Report on the Zero Aggression Project


TODAY (Thursday, Aug. 29), LIVE on talk radio, Jim Babka will guest-HOST Gary Nolan’s top-rated, syndicated radio show Thursday, from 9 AM to Noon Central time.

You can listen live at — click on Listen Live, top right side of the page.


There are six big benefits coming your way…

We recently contracted with 5 new programmers to complete The Zero Aggression Project. It was taking far too long with just two programmers. We replaced one, so now we have six people working on this. And now we’re moving really fast.

And we’re burning cash fast too. I need to raise $5,700. If you can help please do so using the secure form at the Downsize DC Foundation. Here’s the software your donation will help fund

  • A page that will explain your entire philosophy with 30-40 brief ideas averaging 100 words each. This will be a one-stop place you can send friends who have questions. No more lending large books that don’t get read!
  • A personalized outreach tool you can use to create your own prospect list, plus
  • A way to send friends polling questions that will discover areas of agreement , plus
  • A way to see how your friends respond to these questions, plus
  • A way to measure and track subtle changes in opinion as people interact with our educational material. Plus
  • New petitioning software that will attract MORE people by also allowing DISAGREEMENT.

If you’ve enjoyed using the Educate the Powerful System, I promise you, this new ZAP system will blow you away. But we have to get it finished, and FAST! It’s taken too long.

Please contribute if you possibly can. Your contribution is tax-deductible, if you itemize.

Thanks for your support,

Jim Babka
Downsize DC Foundation

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