July 23, 2018

How to stop legislation by unelected bureaucrats

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Action: Tell your reps to sponsor WTLA (the Write the Laws Act)

This is the third reform bill in our Downsize DC Agenda. OSTA (One Subject at a Time Act) and RTBA (Read the Bills Act) will be easier to pass. But WTLA (Write the Laws Act) is more powerful. It would instantly defang the Executive Branch bureaucracy by returning all legislative power to Congress, just as the Constitution’s authors intended.

  • Go check it out. If you like the bill send our letter to your reps, or put the letter in your own words. Then…
  • Share our WTLA Facebook ad if you’re on Facebook.
  • Then forward the letter you sent to Congress to any friends you think might agree (especially if you’re not on Facebook). We’ve made that easy. You’ll find a copy of your letter in your email Inbox.
  • Repeat steps one and two next month. We’ll remind you and everyone else receiving the Downsizer-Dispatch.

Be relentless…

We’re setting out small, weekly goals. Hitting these targets expands our reach, allowing us to set still higher goals.

We met and exceeded our goals for three weeks in a row. We went for a fourth week, with these goals…

  1. Recruit 235 new subscribers.
  2. Raise $101 in new monthly pledges by July 28.
  3. Raise $1,225 in one-time donations by July 28.


  1. We only recruited 242 new subscribers.
  2. We received no new monthly pledges last week.
  3. And we’re 25% of the way to our Saturday goal for one-time donations

We cannot continue to break recruitment records without meeting our new pledger and contributor goals. We need your support.

Nevertheless, we’re setting a new, higher goal. We’ll recruit 250 new subscribers THIS WEEK. Remember, that means more people, working alongside you in this Downsize DC Army.

Last week, our advertising cost was under $3 per new subscriber! Start a monthly pledge of at least $3, or make a one-time contribution.

Thank you for being an ACTIVE DC Downsizer,

Jim Babka & Perry Willis
Downsize DC

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