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April 24, 2006

Take the challenge: you might win a prize

I’m issuing a simple challenge. It could win you a prize.

Note: This message will be “sticky” at the top of this blog until May 24, 2006.

Premise: Big government doesn’t work.

By “doesn’t work,” I mean, it fails to deliver what the politicians promise.

Therefore, I contend that, every single government program should be dramatically downsized, if not closed.

Why? Because Big Government doesn’t work.

Clarification: I’m not saying that government doesn’t succeed, in some distorted way. Government is good at, as Harry Browne used to say, “breaking your legs, giving you crutches, and saying, ‘See? Without government you wouldn’t be able to walk.'” In a fit of dark humor, you can probably devise similar constructions of government success.

What I’m talking about is how the politician promise one thing, and we get another.

So here’s my challenge: Prove me wrong. Name a single government program that’s actually worked as advertised! Use the comments feature on this page to take up the challenge.

I don’t think it can be done. Let’s find out for sure. I’m quite willing to put my premise to the test.

The Prize: One commentor will be chosen at random to receive a two-CD set, valued at $17.95. “The Fatal Flaws of Big Government Programs” is an Audio Guide by our late co-founder, Harry Browne. CD#1 is Why Government Doesn’t Work and CD#2 is How Government Operates.

Blog trackbacks count as comments. The winner will be announced here on this blog and will claim their prize at the end of the period.

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